Winter service means millimeter work

Winter service means millimeter work

The piggy was given to him by his daughter lisa. Harald schulze has affixed the lucky symbol to the cab of his space vehicle. So he always has it in sight. "Guten rutsch" (happy new year) stands on the piglet sitting on a sled. Harald schulze grins. He female: the emphasis is on "good", not a "slide.

The 50-year-old from kitzingen has been on winter service standby since wednesday. Together with his colleagues from the kitzingen building yard, he has been more or less in constant use ever since. Above all, the icy rain at the weekend left him hardly any sleep at all. Harald schulze takes it. "That’s the way it is in our profession." His sunday was a hard day’s work: from 3.30 a.M. To 7 a.M. Schulze cleared the snow, then lay down at home for a short while before he had to leave from 9 a.M. To 7 p.M.30 to 12 o’clock for the first icy rain mission. From 16.30 to 22 o’clock it went on.

"It doesn’t matter anyway"

five hours later, he is once again "sitting on the rack. Like every night, he shifts gears between 2.30 a.M. And 3 a.M. Out of his warm bed and swings into the cold cab of his all-wheel-drive vehicle, which the glowing gladbach fan has decorated with pennants from his club "a gift from my son kevin".
Between 3 and 3.At 30 o’clock, he sets off on his rattling machine for a tour of the town and arranges for the necessary clearing and gritting. Around noon, it’s still snowing in kitzingen, but the town is still "clean" for the time being; schulze is looking forward to getting a few hours of sleep. But the radio blares once again.

Harald schulze is not a bit scared. He knows the piercing roar that loosely drowns out the music in the fuhrerhaus. This time it’s the turn of the head of the building yard, georg gunther. He tells his experienced employee that a resident of the muhlberg area has called and asked him to push the snow to the other side of the road after all. Schulze stays cool. "What the heck, we’ll just go again. Now it doesn’t matter anyway."

During the trip, an on-board computer measures the temperature to an accuracy of a tenth of a degree and uses it to calculate the amount of road salt/sole needed, he receives another message by radio. One of his drivers is on sick leave for another day. "Okay, I’ll let you know, schulze answers "thank you. Since no space tour may be cancelled, he will have to find a replacement for his colleague.

In the muhlberg area, he looks down from the driver’s cab at a familiar sight: parked cars on the right and left of the roads, with slush in between. Schulze’s mercedes with its 3.50-meter-wide snow plow doesn’t get through everywhere so easily. "Cars are often parked so tightly that I have just one or two centimeters of space to the right and left – especially on the hindenburgring or the eselsberg."

Luckily, harald schulze, who has been a member of the construction yard team for 27 years, has a lot of dexterity when it comes to handling his heavy truck. "My buck" he calls the orange-red giant with which he clears the roads of snow and ice. Parking obstructions don’t put the people of kitzingen out of their minds. In a pinch, he rolls down the window and snakes his way between two cars with centimeter precision. Passers-by stop in amazement to admire the spectacular manover.

"But there are also people who show you the bird", schulze reports on encounters of a different kind. Even at that, the father of two remains calm. "A space vehicle just splashes when there is mud on the road." He has his very own way of dealing with angry people: "i just laugh at them and drive on."

His cool head comes out even in freezing rain "this is the worst weather for us" – benefit. He remembers vividly that a bus once skidded towards him on the hospital hill. "There was only either – or." Accelerate or crash. Schulze opted for the former – and no one got a scratch.

Several accidents

speaking of the hospital mountain: more county residents than usual had to be driven up it yesterday. Numerous men and women had fallen and were treated at the kitzinger land clinic. "It’s clearly more business than usual", described dr. Uwe pfeifle the situation in outpatient admissions.

The kitzingen police, on the other hand, had hardly any extra work because of the icy roads: "it’s all very well to praise the road users. You have obviously been prudent. There were no more accidents than usual", police chief helmut pfaff was pleased to note yesterday. However, many burgers may have felt the same way as pfaff before driving off: "before i could drive to work, i first had to spend ten minutes scraping the windows clear."

Without a clear view, harald schulze from the bauhof team never gets off the ground either. Neither completely overmudded. The only thing he wanted yesterday at lunchtime was a little sleep. "If it keeps snowing like this, we’ll soon have to get out again", he said, looking at the lead-heavy clouds.

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