Wiesenthaus aunt emma heibt diana

Wiesenthaus aunt emma heibt diana

Joyful news has it wiesenthaus burgermeister hans weisel () at the burgerversammlung called that there will continue to be a tante-emma store in the village. It had been known for a long time that the hofmann bakery would close its store on 30 june. June will love.
Now diana schmalz, who has lived in wiesenthau for three years, wants to try her hand as an entrepreneur there. "A neighbor brought this to my attention. I was skeptical at first", she said. Because but rent, costs and the environment "in order" diana schmalz is taking the entrepreneurial risk. Diana schmalz comes from the trade. Therefore she knows that the start will not be easy. She has clear ideas, however, and does not want to be tied to a large company, but wants to remain regional.
She will get the baked goods from a renowned bakery in kirchehrenbach. She wants to keep the post office open, as well as the lottery office. The latter, however, only if it obtains the necessary license to do so.

Words of gratitude

in addition, diana schmalz wants to offer food, magazines and daily necessities. Her plan to reach out to elderly citizens and serve them by delivery service met with applause. "I have been well received in wiesenthau, the village has grown very close to my heart", she says.
Weisel asked the burghers to use the small store in the village and to help. After all, everyone had wanted to keep the auntie-emma store in their village, too.

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