Union faction vice president for nuclear deterrence with france

Union faction vice president for nuclear deterrence with france

CDU/CSU parliamentary group vice chairman johann wadephul has advocated cooperation between germany and the nuclear weapons state france for an independent european nuclear deterrent.

"We must consider cooperation with france on nuclear weapons," the CDU politician told the "tagesspiegel" newspaper. "Germany should be ready to participate in this nuclear deterrent with its own capabilities and means". In return, france should place them under a joint EU or NATO command."

Proponents of nuclear deterrence argue that an enemy attack can be prevented by the threat of nuclear weapons. The mutual threat of destructive nuclear weapons thus prevents war and secures peace.

Cooperation in this area already exists with the USA. So germany keeps tornado fighter jets on standby for so-called nuclear sharing – a nato deterrence concept in which allies can have access to u.S. Nuclear weapons. German tornado aircraft could carry U.S. Nuclear weapons stored in germany to the target without germany having nuclear weapons of its own. A decision is to be made this year on a successor to the aging and increasingly expensive tornado aircraft.

"The reality is that we need a nuclear deterrent. It is in germany’s interest to be able to influence the nuclear strategy that protects us. It would be wise to try this with france as well," wadephul told the newspaper. He criticized the political left for reacting to this debate with evasions. "Evasions do not make for greater security," he said.

Asked where his hope came from that paris could be ready for this, wadephul said: "because national thinking in this world will not make the eu safer in the long run."France’s president emmanuel macron has repeatedly called on germany to dare more europe. "He could now show that he too is prepared to do this. I have no illusions. It will take time. But the debate must start now."

The two EU core countries, germany and france, have already agreed on joint rough projects for the ruthlessness. The multi-billion dollar projects involve the development of an air combat system with a fighter jet as well as a battle tank.

Macron had last year advocated a much greater independence of the europeans in defense matters and hinted that the french nuclear force ("force de frappe") could, in his view, also protect other european states.

According to nato secretary general jens stoltenberg, french nuclear weapons cannot provide sufficient protection for other european states. The u.S. Is indispensable in nuclear deterrence for europeans. The reason is that there are common command structures, strategic concepts and exercises only for U.S. Nuclear weapons in europe, he said last year.

"Wadephul’s call for german nuclear deterrence means making mass murder from germany conceivable and plannable again. History will repeat itself 75 years after the end of the second world war," warned greenpeace spokesman christoph von lieven on monday. "Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction that do not discriminate between soldiers, women and children. The reality is hundreds of thousands of deaths in hiroshima, nagasaki and as a result of nuclear weapons testing. Everything else is speculation."Germany’s historic responsibility is to secure peace. "This can only be done without nuclear weapons. Germany must therefore sign the treaty banning nuclear weapons," he demanded.

Wadephul "calls for german nuclear weapons," ex-auspian minister sigmar gabriel wrote on twitter. "Whether with or without F: for this D had to break all contracts. The german grobmannsucht seems to be back. We should stand up for new disarmament and not turn on the nuclear disarmament spiral."

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