The hardcore comedian bembers also strikes in kulmbach

The hardcore comedian bembers also strikes in kulmbach

When bembers speaks his mind, the motto is: "if he’s too tough, you’re too soft". But the bembers fans love the clear words. The dr.-stammberger hall in kulmbach was sold out. Not only in the parquet, but also on the tribune, there was not a free seat left. Many spectators wore bembers t-shirts or hoodies, demonstrating that they are real hardcore fans. Bembers can’t be tough enough. Taboo words like "fuck and "negroes" are a steep template for the coarse franken and only provoke him to speak exactly with this jargon. Wallowing in facts included.

Bembers presented in kulmbach his new soloprogamm: "kaputt, oder was?". The motto loved him enough room to settle accounts with god and the world. Bember’s appearance resembled that of a messiah: long-haired, coarse – with a T-shirt bearing the imprint "hey, listen up!!" Wore. Once again, the "hit and run" mentality was deliberate. Bembers rocked with full hard, even if he actually only "all my ducks" sang. Hardcorde comedy love his fans. And bembers did not exchange.

Internet morality and smombies and, of course, digitalization were at the center of his ridicule. While it would never have been conceivable in the age of the dial telephone to burden other people with pictures of food, today it is the order of the day. On all channels schnitzel and spaghetti are posted. And man will glaze.

"And why does everyone look at selfies like fuck dolls? The selfie police will come if you don’t make a duckface?", he scoffed. But that was not enough. Bembers made fun of the dream of many young people to become rappers. "Now even the germans are already speaking kanak", he stated. He was also open to the world and condemned xenophobia and incitement to hatred. With exactly the kind of coarse language that bembers is known for.

Bitterbose bembers jokes about the pension problem. "From now on, pensioners will be allowed to cross at red lights, from 2020 they will have to."

In the new program, bembers doesn’t miss a single topic: cigarette scrounging and sado-maso sex, outfits and police checks, job applications and tattoos. For every taste bemers landed a punch line. The audience was enthusiastic and acknowledged the unsparing frankness with a standing ovation.

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