“Stahlzeit” plays at the music festival in kasendorf

On friday they started, the construction work for a festival that kasendorf has never seen before. Winfried graf expects many thousands of visitors. Graf is the chairman of the music club, which has been founded by the 8. Until 12. May celebrates its 111th anniversary. The jubilee is embedded in the federal district music festival, but attracts not only with brass music, but also with fiery rock. The rammstein cover band stahlzeit will give a concert in the 2500-seat marquee in the industrial area, as will the isartaler hexen and the tyrolean bands zellberg buam, ursprung buam and die jungen zillertaler, all known from radio and television. In an interview with BR, winfried graf looks back on the mammoth program.

Rammstein has little to do with brass music. Why did you decide to put together such an unusual program for a music club, which will be opened on wednesday with a concert by the tribute band stahlzeit??
Winfried graf: after we conducted a survey among the mostly young musicians, it quickly became clear that stahlzeit appeals to most of the active musicians. So it was clear that we have to plan with steel time and a little harder music.

Was it difficult to get the many bands known from radio and television such as the young zillertaler and zellberg buam to kasendorf?
If you work together with a reasonable event agency, this is not a problem. It was important for us to bring the three zillertal bands together to kasendorf on the given date. The event agency APP has done a great job. Without their help, the event would certainly not be feasible.

Stahlzeit, die hexen, die jungen zillertaler – these are all bands that don’t play for free. What financial risk does the music society take??
The risk is given, as with any other event. If the weather is fine, I am not too worried, because all the bands have their fan clubs that will come to kasendorf. For the zillertaler there are even inquiries from all over germany.
A tent with a capacity of 2500 visitors will be set up, and over the course of five festival days, thousands of visitors will have to be counted and tasted. How many – also external – helpers are involved??
The list of helpers is almost endless. We have prepared 215 people for their activities during our health training. In addition, there are the helpers who have nothing to do with the food, and the rescue services such as the fire department and the bavarian red cross. All in all, the music association will certainly have around 300 volunteers at its side, whose commitment will ensure that the main event runs smoothly.
Don’t be afraid that with the rough concerts the actual bundesbezirksmusikfest will be lost on the weekend?
Actually one has nothing to do with the other. On the first three days, we want to offer concerts for all groups of the population that will put them in a good mood. On saturday and sunday, there will be a special focus on the judging, which is important to our umbrella organization, the north bavarian music association. Here are very different orchestras in different levels of difficulty at the start to prove their performance ability. On saturday and sunday there will be brass bands playing in the tent, which have not yet been heard in our area.

The music association cultivates international connections, and will host guest bands from burgenland, sudtirol and croatia at the brass band evening on saturday. Kasendorf has not so many foreign rooms to offer. Where will your guests stay?
One must not underestimate the accommodation offer in kasendorf. We managed to have most of our guests stay overnight in the community. We are all the more pleased about this because they are also our friends and we can really spend a lot of time with them.
The club faces five extremely busy days. How many visitors must come so that you can say on sunday evening that the trip was worthwhile??
We have calculated carefully. Depending on the event, we expect up to four-digit numbers of visitors. On sunday alone, over 1000 musicians signed up for the pageant. More important than the numbers is that many come to kasendorf to meet friends and like-minded people. If the festival is harmonious and the guests feel good, then the effort was really worthwhile.

The questions were asked by alexander hartmann

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