“Spiegel”: stasi award for “notary” in 1985

According to a stasi list, the unofficial employee "notar" of the ministry for state security (mfs) received a certificate and a coin in february 1985, the magazine reports.

Gysi denies having been a "notary public. So far, he has always explained that the stasi apparently gathered information from various sources under this name. Deputy party spokeswoman marion heinrich emphasized in berlin on sunday: "gregor gysi has never received any gifts, awards, certificates, medals or money from the mfs."

According to "spiegel," however, the document that has now surfaced is an indication that the alias "notary" actually refers to a specific person. The stasi had given the IM the award for the 35th time. Gysi is awarded the "stasi foundation award" on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the stasi as a "sign of sincere thanks for the great support we received in carrying out the task assigned to us by the party and the leadership of the state. The document was signed by stasi minister erich mielke.

The hamburger public prosecutor’s office is investigating gysi on charges of making a false affidavit. The question is whether or not he cooperated with the stasi as a lawyer in the GDR. Gysi admits to contacts with the stasi, but denies that as an informer he knowingly or willingly passed on information about mandates or other persons to the stasi.

According to the "welt am sonntag" newspaper, gysi is to meet on 12 december. October 1989, three days after the rude monday demonstration in leipzig, met with stasi lieutenant uwe berger. The left-wing parliamentary group in the bundestag, on the other hand, declared a week ago that gysi had last met on 16 february 1989. Gregor gysi met with berger and another full-time mfs employee on february 1989, the paper reported. Party spokeswoman heinrich explained that the left must first be in possession of the documents before it can comment on them.

The retired judge who had initiated the investigation against gysi defended himself against accusations of election tactics. He had already sent the criminal complaint to the berlin public prosecutor’s office in may 2012, the lawyer, who did not want to be named, told the magazine "focus. "You can see from this procedure alone that it has nothing to do with election campaigning."

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