Serious accident in peru: bus overturns 100 meters – at least 48 dead near lima

Serious accident in peru: bus overturns 100 meters - at least 48 dead near lima

At least 48 people have died in a serious bus accident in peru. Another six people were injured in the accident on the pacific coast north of the capital lima and were taken to hospital by helicopter, as local police chief hernan valdivieso told radio station RPP on tuesday evening (local time).

Death after head-on crash with truck: 82-year-old ghost driver dies on the A31
a truck hit the bus on a country road in the province of huaral and caused it to leave the road, dino escudero of the traffic police told the official news agency andina. The bus then plunged almost 100 meters down the steep slope and came to rest on the beach.

Bus collides with truck

Witnesses, however, told the newspaper "el comercio", the truck crossed into the opposite lane after its left front tire blew out. Bus driver tried to swerve and lost control of the vehicle. The public prosecutor's office started an investigation.

In the night to wednesday (local time), two more people died in a second accident on the same route, according to the ministry of health. Two people were injured when a bus collided with a truck, according to the report.

President pedro pablo kuczynski expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. "This serious accident is very painful for the country", the head of state wrote on twitter.

"It is very painful for us as a country, an accident of this magnitude. My deep solidarity with the pain of the families."

The coach was traveling from huacho to lima with about 55 passengers on board. According to transport minister bruno giuffra, excessive speed could have caused the accident. This was indicated by initial investigation results after evaluating the GPS devices of both vehicles, he wrote on twitter.

One passenger saved himself by jumping out of the window

A young man was able to save himself because he jumped out of the window just before the fall. He broke his arm but is in stable condition, hospital director jimenez vilcayaure told canal N television station. The 24-year-old had even come to the clinic himself by cab.

Trapped after truck crash on A73: woman (24) from coburg thrown into ditch
until late tuesday evening (2. February 2018), 24 bodies were recovered, the prosecutor's office wrote on twitter. A crane had been called in to facilitate the difficult recovery work on the rolling field directly by the sea. The work should continue on wednesday.

Accident happened in the "devil's curve"

The country road is considered dangerous. There are 52 curves in 22 kilometers. Fog often makes visibility difficult and the road is not always protected by crash barriers. The accident occurred on a particularly dangerous section of the highway called the devil's bend.
Serious bus accidents occur again and again in peru. The road conditions are often difficult and the buses are not always in good condition. At the end of october, four german students were killed in an accident in peru.

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