Sensual and cheerful on the stage

Sensual and cheerful on the stage

Sensual, erotic, tingling, exciting and cheerful was the evening with the actress heidi lehnert and the oriental dancer inanna, to which the theaterwerkstatt habfurt had invited to the gewolbekeller of the stadthalle in habfurt. Under the title "is it love that moves me?" The two artists carried off their audience in an impressive way into the realm of feelings: with devotional words and expressive dance.

Heidi lehnert from bamberg, who is already known in habfurt for her many theater performances, and her friend ivonne philipp from treuchtlingen, who goes by the name of "inanna" as an oriental dancer, have created the aubergewohnliches project. They combine selected, sensual-erotic texts recited by heidi lehnert with the richness, colorfulness and expressiveness of oriental dance, to which inanna has devoted herself. "The nice thing about the connection is that the listener and spectator can give free rein to their associations", said heidi lehnert before the event. The texts and dances were performed in a context that everyone could develop in their own imagination.

In habfurt she presented excerpts from works by franziska von reventlow, else lasker-schuler, gabriele d’annunzio, prosper merimee, peter hacks, klabund, gustave flaubert, william somerset-maugham and other authors. They all deal with the themes of love, eroticism and dance with decidedly romantic, subtle, thought-provoking, sometimes serious and sometimes light-hearted words, brought to life by the accomplished actress. For heidi lehnert interpreted the stories and poems about rough passion or volatile feelings with only small gestures, but with a rough vocal expressiveness and variability.

What she made audible through her melodious, versatile speaking and singing voice, inanna transformed into sensual images. Each of their spirited oriental dances or fiery gypsy dances enchanted by an artistic-imaginative choreography. It was easy to lean back and enjoy the dance frenzy, to be fascinated by the swinging hoof movements, to marvel at the saber dance and isis wings, to delight in the lyrical veil dance and to admire the many different, colorful costumes.

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