Seniors want to build bridges

seniors want to build bridges

The catholic seniors’ forum in the habberge deanery, ebern area, had invited the responsible persons and other interested persons from the local seniors’ groups to a meeting day in the oskar kandler center in kirchlauter. The speaker and guide through the day was the pastor for the elderly of the diocese, franz schmitt from frickenhausen near ochsenfurt. The annual theme "uber brucken – uberbrucken" was at the center of the deliberations with the subtitle "seven hours time for me", where different thoughts were deepened.

40 participants

After introductory words of the deanery chairman bruno deublein, the speaker emphasized that this day for the almost 40 participants personally and also for the "work in the local area" of kirchlauter should be helpful and beneficial. A colorful and pictorial "center" made a lasting impression in the rough chair circle as well as in between initiated short stories, songs, motive pictures, small group language, whereby always a reference was made to purposeful bridge buildings, be it small bridges over local waters or gigantic and world-famous bridges like the old mainbrucke in wurzburg, the karlsbrucke in prague or the world-grown bridge in hong kong with 53 kilometers long. Not to forget the countless air bridges in air traffic. Each of these kinds of bridges connects two points, two important banks, in order to reach certain destinations without rough detours.

The more invisible, mental, interpersonal "bridges" are no less important, it was pointed out, which often connect important, also painful facts in human life, just "uberbrucken" must, be it in the family, in case of illness or bereavement, in the company, in the neighborhood, in traffic, in retirement, also in the circles of seniors. The vicissitudes of life are also expressed very well in the song by peter maffay: "uber sieben brucken musst du gehen" (you have to cross seven bridges) … "

Then, it was further emphasized, the basic christian virtues are in demand, such as faith, hope and love, but also justice, wisdom, bravery, temperance and serenity. These characteristics prevent the interpersonal bridges from becoming shaky or in danger of collapsing.

The eventful day was rounded off with a group service by the speaker in the meeting room, before words of gratitude for the diozesan pastor for the elderly, but also for the "good cake spirits" of kirchlauter were spoken. The deanery chairman pointed out the next important dates: the deanery spring meeting on 27. March in pfarrweisach as well as the big senior citizens’ day on friday, 24. May, in dankenfeld in the municipality of oberaurach. On

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