Photovoltaic on sand pit

A plot of land near the new geiselwinder inno-park business park will in future be designated as a special use area for photovoltaics. In the municipal council, mayor ernst nickel presented the resolutions for the necessary change of the development plan, as well as the land use plan.

The plot in question has a size of 2.21 hectares and is located in the direction of the district of futtersee. The approval by the council is necessary, according to the head of administration wilfried hack, because the flat is located in the aubenbereich. The area was previously used for sand exploitation. According to the bavarian government, these flat areas are to be used preferentially for photovoltaics. "It is approvable because you can’t see it from the road," said burgermeister nickel.

The land will first be filled in at ground level and recultivated. Council member gerhard haubenreich wanted to know where the generated energy would be exported to and where pipes would have to be dug. Mayor nickel replied that the electricity would be fed directly into the inno-park.

The council meeting also dealt with a motion from the schutzengesellschaft futtersee. The association asked for a grant for the conversion of its slide stands to electronic display of hits. In advance, the cost was estimated at around 32,000 euros. The municipality decides to give ten percent of the amount as a subsidy. The money will be considered in the municipal budget for 2019.

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