Phantom search: who knows gabriele brendel??

Phantom search: who knows gabriele brendel??

Kulick holds a doctorate in civil engineering and is a professor at the university of applied sciences in mainz. Extensive research on the stone industry in the eltmann area drove him to the region. An answer to his probably rather rhetorically meant exaggeration gave the expert himself. He is researching a woman named gabriele brendel. "In the ebelsbacher chronicle published in 2004, mrs. Brendel is mentioned as a contributor", the professor states.

Among other things, her contribution to the chapter on the natural stone industry was made. "I am looking for gabriele brendel, because I expect more information about this topic from her", the scientist explained to the present members of the working group. He has already asked many people in the habberge about it, including roland mayer, one of the editors and author of the book "1200 years of ebelsbach". Nobody had been able to help him so far.

Now he hopes to find clarification in the working group, to which several experts interested in natural stone belong. But even "old hands, like heinrich weisel from zeil or the district curator of local history gunter lipp, could not help. "Maybe the lady got married and took another name", was rumored. "She could have been working on a student teaching project and left the county", another possibility is. A "phantom of the ebelsbachtal" it is surely not, one joked.

Irrespective of the outcome of this "manhunt professor kulick wants to join the "french sandstone world" working group contribute. He is enthusiastic about the project. Until the next meeting, which is scheduled for the 22nd of december. All members have "homework" to do taken down. Until then, the main work will be done by martin graser from bamberg. He took it upon himself, in close coordination with mayor buhl (freie wahler), to bundle the thoughts and facts from the meeting and turn them into a viable concept.

Possible opening times, security, public relations and other practical issues will play a role, as will geological, historical, tourism and other concerns. The involvement of the schools, an attempt to influence the curriculum in elementary schools, the highlighting of why the natural stone industry developed in this way, and the involvement of the population were all considered to be of fundamental importance. "The people in our towns, whose families have almost without exception been or are in some way involved with the work in the quarries, must identify with the project", buhl said that was particularly important to her. "We need to make the unique selling point clear", the two sides were in agreement and thought they had a good chance of making a financial claim if they succeeded.

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