Party note: action of the spd in marktbreit

party note: action of the spd in marktbreit

The series of events "while we are here" of the SPD district association kitzingen and the juso-AG has this time invited to marktbreit. In mainstockheim, volkach, albertshofen and iphofen, the population has already shown interest in local politics, according to a press release from the party.

During the evening tour of the old town, the hosts of the marktbreit SPD local association raised significant points that were burning under the nails of the burghers and the people in charge. For example, the vacancy rate, especially in the retail sector and in urgently needed rental apartments, which marktbreit is also struggling with.

"It didn’t have to come to this in the first place" is the tenor of the SPD local association and some city councilors who took part in the tour of marktbreit’s old town, the release continues.

Another important issue for marktbreit since the traffic load in bachgasse. Measures have already been taken, most notably the temporary redesign of the street with, among other things, trees and traffic islands or a speed indicator board, which should reduce both the speed and the volume of traffic through the alleys and divert it to the ring road, the release continues. These measures were not only met with little approval, but even with rejection or were ignored, which the group in marktbreit experienced firsthand, according to the press release. This topic urgently requires further consideration.

During the final discussion together with the people of marktbreit, the SPD candidates for the city council and the district council, and interested parties from other towns, what had been seen was discussed in detail. Finally, the press release states that the citizens were able to build on support from the ranks of the SPD city council faction, the candidates, as well as the mayoral candidate harald kopp.

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