“Stahlzeit” plays at the music festival in kasendorf

On friday they started, the construction work for a festival that kasendorf has never seen before. Winfried graf expects many thousands of visitors. Graf is the chairman of the music club, which has been founded by the 8. Until 12. May celebrates its 111th anniversary. The jubilee is embedded in the federal district music festival, but attracts not only with brass music, but also with fiery rock. The rammstein cover band stahlzeit will give a concert in the 2500-seat marquee in the industrial area, as will the isartaler hexen and the tyrolean bands zellberg buam, ursprung buam and die jungen zillertaler, all known from radio and television. In an interview with BR, winfried graf looks back on the mammoth program.

Rammstein has little to do with brass music. Why did you decide to put together such an unusual program for a music club, which will be opened on wednesday with a concert by the tribute band stahlzeit??
Winfried graf: after we conducted a survey among the mostly young musicians, it quickly became clear that stahlzeit appeals to most of the active musicians. So it was clear that we have to plan with steel time and a little harder music.

Was it difficult to get the many bands known from radio and television such as the young zillertaler and zellberg buam to kasendorf?
If you work together with a reasonable event agency, this is not a problem. It was important for us to bring the three zillertal bands together to kasendorf on the given date. The event agency APP has done a great job. Without their help, the event would certainly not be feasible.


Fis-president kasper hopes for “neureuther & co.”

fis-president kasper hopes for 'neureuther & co.'

"In the women’s event it didn’t go badly with two medals, but i hope that neureuther& co. What will contribute", said FIS president gianfranco kasper in an interview with the news agency dpa.

Long, long is a podium place at a major event for a german alpine skiing star. With bib number 25, florian eckert fell at the world championships in st. Anton on the descent from the starting thump – and even loved the austrian world champion hannes trinkl in the finish area and its red-white-red ski nation still bangen. "Yes, I’m crazy now", armin assinger was amazed on the ORF mike in february 2001, when eckert was even 0.17 seconds faster than the leading austrian in the last intermediate time. In the end, third place and bronze were on the books: hannes trinkl briefly closed his eyes in relief and took a deep breath. The TV commentators were amazed by the "phenomenon florian eckert.

The upswing in the german men has been there for a long time. Three skiers, neureuther, fritz dopfer and stefan luitz, made it to the podium. But the deserved noble metal is still to come. "We need german medals and german winners all winter long. Because we and winter tourism live from the german market," explained kasper. Financially strong winter sports sponsors come from germany, plus the sales market for sporting goods is solvent and roughly. Overall, however, kasper is pleased these days about "a very good distribution of medals between the individual nations".


Air observers should prevent forest fires

Air observers should prevent forest fires

Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless – as reinhard mey sang in his hit song. For wolfgang weib, on the other hand, flying means that he has to concentrate completely. For the past 14 years, the 50-year-old has been one of a total of 94 volunteer air observers in franconia. With their control flights, they help to ensure that a small fire does not turn into a forest fire on the 23,000 square kilometers of rough flat land.

The air observers don't have to fly themselves – they have their own pilots for this purpose. The task of the air observers is to detect fires in good time. "If you spot a fire early, it's still pretty easy to put it out. The later it is discovered, the more difficult it becomes", explains weib. For this purpose, the man from coburg completed a one-week training course at the wurzburg state firefighting school. Radio and map reading are on the agenda there. To ensure that this knowledge does not become rusty, the air monitors complete a training course every year. The day before yesterday in coburg: "it's possible that an air observer hasn't been in the air for two years", says michael nickles of the bamberg city council, which organizes the exercise.

A fire truck is missing


The green cyclist arrow is being tested here

the green cyclist arrow is being tested here

For claus reinhardt of the city’s building department, the cyclist’s arrow is "a good thing in itself, but also not a free pass in the sense of: i’m in the right and can simply drive in on the right." There must always be coordination with other road users. Because from the cyclist’s point of view, pedestrians and cyclists coming from the left initially had priority.

In 2017, the GAL city council group had requested to apply for participation in this pilot project. The city had taken up this suggestion. GAL councillor kiki laaser says that even without the arrow, many cyclists are already crossing at the red light: "but at the moment it’s an offence, even if the traffic would actually allow it. Nothing will change, but now this common practice will be legalized. But still everyone has to stop." After a year of testing in bamberg and eight other cities nationwide (including munich, coln and stuttgart), the federal road construction agency wants to take stock – and possibly roll out the model across the board.

"The other grunpfeil has been around for a long time. And many, unfortunately, still don’t know how to use it properly", says reinhardt. The principle for both the new and the old arrow is: pull over, stop, look, and turn right when the road is clear. However, there are also places where this does not work so well, where either no one stops or many simply do not drive, even though no other vehicle is coming.


Union faction vice president for nuclear deterrence with france

Union faction vice president for nuclear deterrence with france

CDU/CSU parliamentary group vice chairman johann wadephul has advocated cooperation between germany and the nuclear weapons state france for an independent european nuclear deterrent.

"We must consider cooperation with france on nuclear weapons," the CDU politician told the "tagesspiegel" newspaper. "Germany should be ready to participate in this nuclear deterrent with its own capabilities and means". In return, france should place them under a joint EU or NATO command."

Proponents of nuclear deterrence argue that an enemy attack can be prevented by the threat of nuclear weapons. The mutual threat of destructive nuclear weapons thus prevents war and secures peace.