Oskar trots the ladies dream team

oskar trots the ladies dream team

Already in the early hours of the morning, a hustle and bustle begins on the forest sports field. Drinks and food have to be brought, canopies erected, benches and tables set up, and sales booths set up.
In silence, but in time, the helpers are ready on time. At 10.30 o’clock the festival begins. The may hikers are on earlier than usual this year. "The timing just worked out", says the chairwoman with relief as the first guests arrive before 11 a.M.
Until the 1990s, the waldsportfest was a highly regarded soccer festival, sometimes featuring more than 25 teams. But times have changed. Instead of fubball, there is "human soccer" today-tournaments – on poles in the fenced-in "kafig- on the program and the players are mostly from hobby teams or youth clubs, because the FC feuerthal has not had its own soccer team for a long time.
This year there were only five teams competing for the coveted traveling cup. "Due to numerous association catch-up games, we have lost some teams", beck-gradert suspects, but this does not diminish the fun. The teams know each other, they were also in 2012. New, however, is a women’s team with the name abanadiebar (off to the bar), which comes from wasserlosen and is based on an idea of tanja morath "from spab and team spirit" competed in the tournament.
"We don’t really have anything else to do with fubball, because we are a korbball team that plays in the schweinfurt area in the points competition.", betrayal kristin. The ladies were even champions of their class last year. "We just wanted to try something different", she adds.
Melissa, janine, eileen, tanja, sabrina and kirstin first learned that in human soccer you have to take abuse as well as goals when they are on the pitch. "They were quite brutal. There were bad words like "knocks them over, they are not so nice", complains janine. "We will still take part again next year and train for the tournament at home", says, the girls declare. Melissa, who scored a goal, says: "we have lost every game, but we are the winners of the hearts" .
Andrea beck-gradert honored the courage of the wasserlosen basketball team with an "oscar" in mini format "so that at least one man is in the team the next time", as the chairwoman humorously remarked. In the "everyone against everyone" mode last year’s winners, the "saubagasch" from langendorf, won once again through and relegated the "aschier sixpack", the "waster vandals and the JUZ feuerthal on the court.
The erlos from the waldsportfest fliebt partly in the sporting activities and the offers of the FC feuerthal, such as the ladies gymnastics group and the since a year opened and well-attended senior gymnastics. "I need several euros to pay for the training leader, the rent for the hall and the purchase of new sports equipment", assures the chairwoman, who is, however, gladly prepared to co-finance a charitable collection in the district.

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