Only two weeks of full closure

The installation of the prefabricated elements for the underpass for cyclists and pedestrians in the intersection of the B 303 from maple to the old sheep farm will take no more than eight to ten working days. At least, that is what gunther engelhardt from the bamberg state road construction office explained at the borough council meeting in ahorn on tuesday evening. Engelhardt informed about the current state of affairs of the intersection change by the transfer of the gemeindeverbindungsstrabe and the production of even this underpass. The municipality of maple, in cooperation with the engineering firm koenig& kuhnel to act as builder, state building authority to provide funds. The total cost is estimated at around 810,000 euros. The plan is to carry out this tree removal next year, with a full closure of just under two weeks, which is also to be coordinated with the closure of the B 303 by tree removal in oberelldorf. With the community link road, which will run parallel to the B 303, and the underpass, an existing traffic safety risk will be eliminated, explained mayor martin finzel (no party affiliation). The municipality of ahorn had succeeded in acquiring the necessary land in this area beforehand.
This will allow the community connection road to the old sheep farm on the south side of the B 303 to be relocated and connected to the existing traffic-safe intersection of the B 303 to the west with the local road to ahorn and a public field path. The sidewalk and bicycle path will be three meters wide on the upper dam path and will enter the four-meter wide underpass.
A soil survey, according to engelhardt, has shown that no problems with groundwater are to be expected here. In connection with the construction of the underpass, the paving of the dam path is also to be put out to tender. The street lighting will also be adapted and supplemented. 

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