Newspaper: china spooks out major u.s. Weapons systems

newspaper: china spooks out major u.s. weapons systems

This was reported by the newspaper on tuesday with reference to a confidential report from experts to the defense ministry.

Among the weapons spied on, according to these reports, are the new F-35 fighter jets. The "global hawk" combat drone, which was to be delivered to germany, among other countries, was also affected.

The C-17 transport aircraft, which have been in use since 1993, were also spied on, as were advanced systems such as nanotechnology and satellite communications technology. Among the missile systems are patriot missiles and the ballistic missile system to be installed in the mediterranean.

The u.S. Government has long warned of chinese hackers spying on american industrial and military secrets. China is pursuing a long-term strategy of military buildup to reduce U.S. Superiority – cyber espionage is one of the government’s means of doing so, the paper wrote. China is the most active country in terms of cyber espionage.

President barack obama intends to raise the issue at his upcoming meeting with the new chinese president xi jinping in california at the beginning of june, the newspaper wrote further.

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