New movement in conflict between washington and tehran

New movement in conflict between washington and tehran

After months of escalation, the fire-threatening conflict between the u.S. And iran is getting underway. For the first time in more than 40 years, a summit meeting between the two countries could take place again.

Following french leader emmanuel macron’s mediation at the G7 summit in biarritz, U.S. President donald trump on monday saw a "very good chance" for a meeting with his iranian counterpart hassan ruhani.

It would be a historic event, because the U.S. Sees iran as an enemy and has not maintained diplomatic relations with tehran for a long time. Efforts to defuse the crisis dominated the summit of the heads of state and government of the seven economic powers (G7) in the french seaside resort, which ended on monday after three days.

The discussions had set the stage for a meeting between trump and iran’s president in the coming weeks, france’s president said. "I think that the meeting can take place."Trump said: "I think there is a very good chance that we will meet." Ruhani to attend UN general assembly in new york in late september.

Macron also brought germany’s participation into play. It is still unclear whether a future summit will bring together only the U.S. And iran. If a wider circle was formed, the permanent members of the UN security council – including russia, china, france and the UK – or germany could be brought in. All these countries could be useful at the negotiating table. Macron wants to phone ruhani very soon.

The U.S. President unilaterally terminated the nuclear agreement with iran last year because he felt it did not go far enough. The europeans, on the other hand, remain committed to the treaty. Trump said a new agreement must be more long-term and also include ballistic missiles. He also added: "they have to stop with the terrorism."

Trump’s course so far has been to use maximum political and economic pressure to force iran to change course on what is seen as an aggressive auben policy. The reintroduction of economic sanctions, however, has so far only fueled tensions further – with the result that shipping and thus oil transport through the strait of hormus is no longer considered safe.

After the signals of detente in biarritz, iran set the europeans a clear condition for compliance with the nuclear agreement. "We just want to be able to sell ol and get our money," auben minister mohammed jawad sarif said in an interview with the "suddeutsche zeitung" (tuesday). Nuclear agreement assures iran of economic benefits in return for renouncing a military nuclear program.

Sarif was invited by france to the venue of the G7 summit at the weekend in a completely unexpected move. Macron met with sarif himself on sunday evening and briefed him – in consultation with trump – on the language of the heads of state and government. "We had rough agreement, even on iran," trump said at a meeting with chancellor angela merkel, calling it a "very successful" summit.

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