Musicians face the judges

The zeegenbachtal music society invites you to a special kind of musical event in the strullendorf school gymnasium on behalf of the northern bavarian music society. This saturday, 16 bands and orchestras from near and far will face off against a supra-regional jury of experts in a judging game. From 8.Concert works sound from 3 to 5 p.M. The individual music groups can be tested and advised on their efficiency.

Wind classes that are still in the early stages of their training (level 1), as well as upper-level and high-level orchestras (level 4/5) that play music at a high musical level. Certainly an interesting range for the listener.

Thumbs up especially for the orchestras from the district of bamberg, which will take part in the judging. These are the school orchestra zeegenbachtal, the youngest offspring of the organizing association, the "spatzunder", an adult brass class of the ebrachtaler musikanten as well as the lisberg brass band. A special ear feast is at 10.10 a.M. With the main orchestra of the MV zapfendorf and at 4 p.M. With the orchestra of the MV zapfendorf.15 o’clock with the symphonic wind orchestra of the MV podeldorf to expect, because these two orchestras compete in the hochststufe.

The announcement of the results will be ceremoniously framed by the symphonic pre-orchestra zeegenbachtal at 1 p.M. And 6 p.M. Admission is free.

During the day, the music association not only ensures that everything runs smoothly, but also takes care of the physical well-being of the participants and visitors. Cake and coffee will be served, bread will be available and a barbecue will be held in the courtyard from 11 a.M. Onwards. All interested parties are welcome.

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