Motorcyclist collides with cow during dakar rally

motorcyclist collides with cow during dakar rally

The head-on collision between the yamaha da costas and the cow occurred at kilometer 188 of the special stage on the second leg of the 33rd stage of the race. Dakar rally from santa rosa to san rafael. His motorcycle burst into flames after the collision. The condition of the cow was not reported further. The frenchman finished the first stage in 52nd place.

Shortly before, the peruvian motorcyclist manuel jamett had also given up after breaking several toes in a crash. Another participant in the motorcycle race, argentinean mariano lorenzetti, lost his vehicle on monday when it was run over by a truck also taking part in the rally. Lorenzetti had left his KTM motorcycle on the side of the road after a breakdown. The argentinean, who suffered no injuries, had explained before the start that he had sold his apartment to be able to take part in the off-road race.

The day before, the argentinian motorcyclist jorge martinez boero died in an accident during the first stage of the rally. Two passengers of an ultralight plane, who had apparently been following the race from the air, died in the crash of their plane.

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