Monument council sees bamberg’s world heritage status in danger

Monument council sees bamberg's world heritage status in danger

The railroad considers these fears "exaggerated. Thomas goppel, the former science minister of the CSU, is a friend of bamberg and loves clear words. As chairman of the landesdenkmalrat in bavaria he can combine both inclinations. "It is foreseeable that if the intentions of the bahn AG are implemented as they are currently discussed, we will lose the world heritage status".

With this statement, bavaria's top preservationist is voicing what burghers, politicians and, above all, preservation experts have already been saying behind closed doors. Even his party comrade and transport minister, peter ramsauer, is not spared the explosive consequence and the realization that bamberg is a "deep cut in the grown identity" threatens, should the larmschutzvorhaben be realized so. On the contrary: in a letter to ramsauer, which also talks about a nightmare, goppel advises the transport minister to make the railroad extension through bamberg a "matter for the boss" to make mabigend on the "bahngewaltigen" (railroad violators) and to check whether it is absolutely necessary for the ICE line to run through bamberg for its entire length.

Favourable opportunity

The opportunity is favorable. Ramsauer, who plans to visit bamberg in mid-july to inspect the state horticultural show, will hardly be able to avoid seeing the project, which literally threatens to divide bamberg and is associated with massive fears.

Mayor andreas starke (SPD) also wanted to use the opportunity to win over germany's top transport politician to the demand that special consideration be given in bamberg and that the preservation of the world heritage be given absolute priority. "I hope that the minister of transport, when he is in bamberg, will accept our offer and look at the three-dimensional representation that the city has prepared", says strong.

Support for the resistance against six-meter-high noise barriers comes from the member of the bundestag sebastian korber (FDP) from forchheim. Korber is in contact with the chairman of DB netz AG, oliver kraft. He calls on the railroad to use the "entire portfolio for preventing larvae along the railroad tracks in order to minimize the impact on citizens and the cityscape in the world heritage city. The transport politician is pleased that bamberg has become a model city for the latest alarm technology: "after several years of testing, the federal government and DB AG presented the first results on the effect of innovative alarm protection methods on the track a few days ago. 13 technologies have been tested, some with significant mitigation effects."

Only three views of the world heritage site

Reiner gubitz of DB projektbau considers the fear that the world heritage title could be revoked by the larmschutzwande to be "mablos ubertrieben". Whoever travels by train through bamberg only has a brief view of the buildings of the old town in the south of bamberg at the city forest, at the height of the forchheimer strabe and then again in the north. "All these areas are to receive no arm protection at all."

Gubitz also criticizes the three-dimensional representation of the city. It creates a picture that overemphasizes the effect of the interventions and, for example, underestimates the effect of the boundary. Besides, one must know that at present it concerns only the preliminary design planning. The railroad does not intend to start planning the design on the basis of the suggestions until the fall of 2012. The planning should then be ready at the beginning of 2014 and laid out as part of the zoning procedure. This would be the last opportunity for those affected to file an objection. The federal railway authority is the authority responsible for rejecting objections.

Arm walls are to be made smaller

In the run-up to the joint information event of the city and the railroad on tuesday of next week, the project engineer responsible for the line through bamberg already announces improvements in the planning of the noise protection. The latest forecast for federal traffic route planning indicates a reduction in the volume of good traffic for the year 2025. This also means that lower armored barriers are possible for bamberg. Gubitz was unable to put a precise figure on this relief effect. It is very likely, however, that the protection against larvae will no longer be at five and six meters, but below that level.

A tunnel under bamberg, as discussed by politicians of all stripes, is currently no longer being considered. From the point of view of the railroad planners, it cannot be paid for. As for a bypass of the city, there are no conclusive findings yet. At least information should be available by the end of july as to whether such a variant can at least be reconciled with the railroad's operational goals. According to gubitz, however, it is already clear that even a separate double-track line will have an impact on bamberg: "it needs a connecting track in the north and south of the city; and trains coming from schweinfurt will still pass through bamberg."

The citizens' initiative "madness" is eagerly awaiting the presentation of the film next tuesday. Spokesman robert bartsch speaks of "visual truth day. The opponents of the project in its current form want to show the visitors of the information event the "unbelievable force of the arm protection wall including track elevation" with a seven-meter-high demo wall in front of your eyes.

In the thistle path for arm protection

But one must not forget that there are also vehement supporters of larm protection in bamberg: hans beck from distelweg is one of them. For years, he and several neighbors have been fighting for a functioning armored barrier against "the wobbling of the wall and the noise caused by 190 trains a day". Beck announces that the residents of the thistle path will not give up their legal rights. He would not be afraid of a five-meter-high wall of arms.

Burgerinformation: on tuesday, 10. July, a citizens' information session on the planned four-track extension of the railroad line through bamberg will be held from 7 p.M. In the hegelsaal of the concert and congress hall in mubstrabe.

Current planning: in a joint event, the city of bamberg and deutsche bahn AG present the current status of expansion planning.

Virtual model: the city planning office has created a virtual three-dimensional model to show the effects of the infrastructure project in a realistic way. The tour will take you on a flight over the planned railroad line through the city, changing perspectives and points of view as you go.

Timetable: the railroad hopes that the citizens' information will provide suggestions that it would like to feed into the preliminary design plan. The start of design planning is planned for the fall of 2012. The project is to be put on public display at the beginning of 2014 as part of the planning approval process.

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