Monday starts with lots of sunshine, but then thunderstorms threaten – forest fire risk remains high

Monday starts with lots of sunshine, but then thunderstorms threaten - forest fire risk remains high

Good prospects for the start of the week: spring arrived in germany at the weekend. No clouds in the sky on saturday, according to a meteorologist from the german weather service (DWD) on sunday. "We have reached the maximum sunshine duration everywhere." The temperatures rose accordingly – in bamberg it was warmest with 23.4 degrees celsius.

And also the next days remain pleasant. The mild southern current will remain with us for the next few days, the DWD announced on sunday. With the exception of the coastal and mountain regions, it will be between 16 and 20 degrees at the start of the week.

Individual thunderstorms with heavy rain possible

However, the influence of a low over western europe from the southwest is increasing. Already on monday respectively in the night to tuesday there can be showers and also single thunderstorms, locally also with heavy rain and stormy gusts. But before that, franconia can expect a sunny monday with temperatures of up to 23 degrees, according to weather expert stefan ochs from herzogenaurach. The weather stations in nurnberg and bamberg will probably even be a few degrees above that. According to ochs, the previous record values for the 1. April decade of 25.2 degrees resp. 25.7 surpassed on monday.

On tuesday, according to the DWD, there may be powerful thunderstorms with heavy rain and gale-force winds in the west, south and center of germany. Ochs also writes of possible rain showers and thunderstorms.

Forest fire risk remains high in bavaria

At the same time, the meteorologist warned of high danger of whale fires. On sunday, the danger level rose to 3 in large parts of bavaria, and even to 4 out of 5 on the edge of the alps. Even with the rain showers expected tuesday night, the risk is unlikely to diminish.

Good news for hobby gardeners and motorists from the weather service: frost or ground frost is not to be expected for the time being as of tuesday.

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