Max deuben finds it exciting in goal

Max deuben finds it exciting in goal

A bit of adrenaline, the special stimulus that must be present for max deuben, especially in sports, in handball. The goalkeeper, who joined TSV rodelsee before this season, says he doesn’t like it when there’s nothing to play for. "When i hear that we have nothing to lose in this or that game, i go crazy," says deuben.

Before this saturday’s home match against VT zweibrucken-saarpfalz, the 25-year-old will hardly hear such sentences from his rodelsee teammates or the responsible persons. In the meeting with the last in the table is the only two places better TSV rodelsee under zugzwang. Both points must her. "We don’t need to beat around the bush: if we don’t win against them, it’s going to be hateful," deuben says in plain language.

Only victories pay. The rodelsee team has paid enough dues in the third league, as he sees it. For the goalkeeper, who comes from kassel and lives in erlangen, this is a situation that makes him comfortable. "The more pressure there is, the more fun it is," says deuben – even though he has never played against relegation.

At max deuben’s previous stations, in erlangen, gensungen or kassel, things always went the other way around: the clubs tended to be among the front runners. For deuben it all began in kassel, where he became interested in the job in the goal at handball early on. "I quickly realized that this is my thing. In the youth I have also played in the field, but in the goal I was the best. The others wanted me to go in goal," he says, looking back. In soccer, he also tried his hand as a goalkeeper, but in the end, he remained attached to the smaller ball.

It’s the defending of the opponent’s throws, the sometimes painful but special role, that appeals to him. "As a goalkeeper, you are always in the focus, you can decide the game. You are alone. If you concede a few goals, you’re just as quickly the fool. It’s a huge thrill," he says of his role on the pitch. As a goalkeeper, it went quickly to the top for the ambitious deuben, partly through his own efforts. In his A and B youth years, he played in gensungen – partly because he had the opportunity to train with the second-league squad at the time. The club was relegated, and deuben ended up at EHV kassel through a former coach. At the local third league club, a sponsor at the time was looking in the direction of the first division. But the project failed, and kassel went bankrupt.

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Max deuben then took his further fate into his own hands. He looked through the second-division squads of the clubs to see which of them had only two goalkeepers, called erlangen – and was invited to try out for the team. Deuben stayed, the association got him a civil service job, then he worked at siemens for a year before he decided to study economics. He was part of the second-league squad at HC erlangen, where he played a total of twenty games. This summer, the club brought in 35-year-old czech jan stochl as an additional goalkeeper, and max deuben saw his chances dwindle. He reported to TSV rodelsee, a little later he stood there in goal.

He feels he is in good hands with the village club in the third league. "I knew they were ambitious. This is an ambitious project."There he gets his shares, "i can show that i can bring constancy."But he doesn’t just want to play, he wants to play a leading role and help the team stay in the league.

The team is slowly getting used to the rough winds of the league. The only thing the goalkeeper had to change was the defensive formation with six men at the circle. "In erlangen i was used to a 5:1 defense, we had the best defense in the league. Now we get one of the most goals against," says deuben. He is firmly convinced that he will stay in the league with rodelsee. Otherwise he would not have been max deuben, the self-confident.

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