Many bosses become personal in the dispute with employees

Many bosses become personal in the dispute with employees

Unobjective arguments are poisonous for the working atmosphere: in almost every second company, the corporate culture is characterized by a lack of appreciation and respect, according to the study published on wednesday. According to the survey, the main causes of conflict between bosses and employees are unclear instructions from superiors and discussions about working hours.

Companies damage themselves with a lack of dispute culture. Productivity declines and the company’s image declines. "A bad working atmosphere gets through to auben very quickly today," said head of studies hans schlipat. The next generation informs itself in its network about the corporate culture of its potential employers. "Negative experience is immediately visible."

Schlipat recommends that managers rethink their corporate culture on this point and allow an open, constructive discussion. Younger workers in particular liked to express their ideas openly and confidently today. "If the established culture of dispute is missing, everyday discussions escalate quickly."Constant quarrels are a reason to flee for employees. "If the mood in the company is tense, the fluctuation rate will increase."

For the study, the personnel consultancy had interviewed more than 1,000 employees and around 50 personnel managers.

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