Kohlschreiber: nothing to regret – situation lost

Kohlschreiber: nothing to regret - situation lost

After his eighth-final exit from the US open, germany’s best tennis pro was visibly anxious not to produce any more negative headlines for german men’s tennis. However, he maintained his fundamental criticism of the lack of team spirit and the lack of support from kuhnen.

"What i said, there is nothing to regret," emphasized the 28-year-old from augsburg after his clear 3:6, 6:7 (5:7), 2:6 defeat against the serbian janko tipsarevic in the end. When asked whether he could imagine a future together with kuhnen in the german davis cup team, the world no. 20 said he was not sure about the future.I will answer such things when the time comes."

The events at the davis cup match against argentina in february, when tommy haas openly criticized the lack of support from kohlschreiber, who was absent due to illness, the booting out of the national coach for the world team cup in dusseldorf in may, and finally kohlschreiber’s cancellation at short notice from the olympics, have maneuvered both sides into a messy situation.

"It’s a sad story that we can’t convince our best players to play or want to play in the davis cup and the olympics," said former star boris becker in new york, suggesting an obvious solution: "maybe both sides should meet in october for a beer with a little distance between them and discuss everything calmly."

He already believes "that there can be a common future. Both of them have pushed themselves to the limit and know how far they can go," said the three-time wimbledon champion. Ahead of the important relegation duel against australia on 14. To 16. September in hamburg, the booted out kohlschreiber wanted to take himself out of the line of fire for the time being.

"Everything i say now is poison. I was happy to help and now I don’t want to bring in any more trouble," he explained in a mixture of defiance and insight. "The boys can’t use any sideshows now."

Kuhnen also continues to show willingness to compromise. "I have no fundamental problem with philipp. The tur is always open, and I’m always ready to talk. It is now up to him to accept the offer, because obviously there are still differences on his side," said the 46-year-old "welt online".

For becker, it would be up to the head of the german tennis federation (DTB), karl-georg altenburg, to mediate in the dispute. "I hope the new president can put his foot down," said becker. Whether he could not even act as a mediator himself? "If mr. Altenburg asked me, i would think twice," becker said. And charcoal? He still wanted to think about whether and how he would support the team. Before he left new york, he announced: "now it’s time to relax."

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