Kleukheim seethes at the carnival procession on the obermain river

Kleukheim seethes at the carnival procession on the obermain river

Last year's 875th anniversary, last month's bank robbery, and the non-functioning wireless phone system in kelbachgrund were the topics of the carnival procession that snaked from oberkups to kleukheim on sunday afternoon. Hundreds came to join in the celebration as the sunny winter weather was optimal for being boisterous and foolish. 37 groups participated in this year's move.

The people of oberkups made their anger known because their telephones have been out of order for many months, because the transmission via radio link is inadequate: "in kutz, telephoning with vodafone is a flop – the main thing is that in ebasfeld it's top", they had written on their wagon. And on the side wall it could be read: "if the telephone can no longer be used, the bushtrum must be used again!" "We kummler 8750 years ago" – the village is ten times as old as kleukheim, boasted the kleukheim neighbors, who rode along on their wagon as stone age people complete with campfire.

The bavarian fan club reundorf caused a furor among the crowded onlookers at the kleukheim roadside: confetti snowed down on the audience in such dense clouds from no other motif car than from the reundorf one. Quite a few of those standing in the front rows then shoveled confetti snow from their heads and collars.

Pretzels, beer, bouillon, sweets
No carnival visitor had to go hungry or thirsty: almost all groups handed out pretzels and pretzel sticks, served beer and liquor or even bouillon. Not to mention the usual hail of candy and gumdrops. Because of the booming bass, which came out of the huge loudspeaker boxes of some of the cars, the procession even reminded a little of the loveparade in berlin – the fools of kelbachgrund were not dressed as freely as their colleagues in berlin because of the wintry temperatures.

After all the groups had arrived in kleukheim, there was still some time of celebration in the center of the village. Many visitors had imaginatively masked themselves or wore self-made, creative headgear for the show.

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