In the footsteps of the stones

In the footsteps of the stones

Bernd rebhan carefully runs his right forefinger over the lines of the text. Neatly lined up, in slender lettering, are the years and latin names for the various types of wood. "It's fascinating to know exactly which year the wood used came from", the mayor of kupser is impressed.

Scientists call this dating method dendrochronology. The annual rings of trees are assigned to a growth period known from comparative data on the basis of their different widths.

Foundations uncovered

The method was also used in tuschnitz after the almost completely preserved foundations of a late medieval and early modern small noble castle were uncovered there in 1992 on the land of the former castle – known as the wasserschloss (moated castle).

The result of the investigations: the oldest materials found date from 1319. "The archaeologists were very enthusiastic about the state of preservation", rebhan, who not only grew up a stone's throw away, but is also a hobbyist when it comes to the history of his home, tells the story. "The soil had never been excavated before. In addition, the high groundwater level ensured that the timbers remained protected from rotting."

Tomorrow, sunday, the day of the open monument (see info box), rebhan will present the excavation process and the research results at the schlossplatz starting at 2 p.M. It takes over the second of three planned stops of a hike, which the market kups offers for the monument day. The tour starts with a visit to historical treasures at 1 p.M. In the st.-laurenzius church in schmolz, through which inge will guide again.

After the detour to tuschnitz, where some of the finds made during the excavations between 1992 and 1994 will be on display, the tour will conclude at nagel hunting lodge.

There, owner rainer vormbrock leads around 15.3 p.M. Through the castle's aubenanlagen. "We want to use the day to get more public with the seven castles we have in the market town", says the mayor. "That is already a record-breaking number."

New signs

For the future, rebhan can imagine initiating a schlosser circular hiking trail. There have already been initial discussions with the frankenwaldverein. "But the idea is still in its infancy", explains the mayor. In the near future is therefore not expected to be implemented. It is more important to re-sign the linden circular hiking trail.

The tuschnitz excavation site, on the other hand, does not need any new signs. A bronze-colored plaque, which resembles an open book, points out that in the castle square "in the course of the village renewal (2001 to 2013)" there is a new waste management area the outlines of the core castle were made visible again and "the area around the ruins was designed as a new village center" was.

Random find

In 1990, new apartments were supposed to be built on the land that had been used for agriculture for many years. But because shards of clay appeared during the work, the excavation site was built instead.
Some of the finds made between 1992 and 1994 – such as pieces of rusting or a bullet tip – will be shown on sunday during rebhan's lecture.

Monument day: the focus is on the margraviate church
power and splendor: a tour of the kups market is just one of the many activities on offer on sunday for the "open day for monuments" will give. Nationwide, this year's theme is "power and splendor" committed.

Eroffnung: in the circle kronach, in which briefly and gladly of the "denkmaltag" the program will be opened by county administrator klaus loffler (CSU) at 13.30 o'clock in the margrave church in seibelsdorf. In 2013, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the church, state bishop heinrich bedford-strohm described the church as "a treasure and a precious pearl" designates. Among other things, the new ceiling design and the free-standing pulpit altar will be presented there.

Village tour: around 14.30 a.M. A tour of the village of seibelsdorf with a focus on architectural culture and a circular tour for hikers and nordic walkers on the natural and cultural features of the hedgerow landscape will follow at the same time.

Concert: the "marktrodacher ohrwurmer" give a small concert of the YMCA by 15.45 o'clock in the margrave church, in which afterwards for the last time for this day an exclusive church tower ascent starts.

Fuhrugen: in addition to the renovation construction site at kronach's rosenberg fortress (starting at 3 p.M.), other showplaces include the st.-jakob church in mitwitz (2 p.M.) and the st.-jakobus church in fischbach (3 p.M.). In addition to church and tower tours, the two gotteshausers also offer revealing insights into local and church history.

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