Hochstadt: farewell to the good spirit of the gymnasium

Hochstadt: farewell to the good spirit of the gymnasium

For years, there was a delicious smell of leberkas in the air when you entered hochstadt high school. It came from the kitchen of janitor christina lau and her husband paul. In addition to their manual work, the two also organized the break sales – and did so with a lot of heart and soul. While paul lau had already retired four years ago, his wife followed him on monday. He will be succeeded by fritz hofbeck, who is working as a jumper for various schools, but will remain in hochstadt for the time being.

It was an era that was coming to an end, noted director bernd lohneib. The pair had already been at hochstadt high school since 1980, and also partly looked after the old junior high school with. But what sets christine lau apart is her open, friendly manner: "over the years, you’ve been an important point of contact for the students when they’ve had a few aches and pains, looked back at lohneib.

Always responsive, always with an open ear. This is how the schoolchildren will remember the janitor. But it’s not only her liver cheese that remains legendary, but also her deco. Whether it was christmas or easter, christine lau always had the right decorations in the cellar – and thus ensured a pleasant atmosphere at the gymnasium. "We are a family here", looks back at her farewell. They often sat together, the contact went far beyond school and work. And she says: "I have learned a lot". By talking to teachers from different departments, but also by the excursions she was allowed to go on.

But the high points for the janitor were the school balls every year, because they were always "wonderful" had been. But in general, she liked dealing with children, being there for them and supporting them. "Actually, I liked everything", she says joyfully.

Christine lau was not only a janitor at the high school, she was more than that. She had been a contact person and pastor. But with all the care for "their" children schuler always liked to look afar: to egypt. She has been traveling there for twenty years and is now very familiar with the country and its history.

But that is not enough for christine lau. Now that she is retired, she would like to attend lectures on egypt at the university of bamberg on a regular basis starting in october. In addition to her student life, she also takes care of her two grandchildren, so that they can also try grandma’s famous liver cheese.

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