Here the spirit must still blow strongly

Here the spirit must still blow strongly

Ursula harris shrugs her shoulders. Pentecost? "Oh yes, I know that there will be vacations then. But I don't know what whitsun means", the hallstadterin. "Already as an altar girl I always mixed up the holidays", it invokes a somehow ecclesiastical past. For sonja hofmann from breitengubbach, too, pentecost means "school vacations" for the time being. "I am not so uberchristian", she murmurs. Only robert schwank from hanau is a little more explicit: "I know from pentecost that fire rained down from heaven and the holy spirit came." This is how he read in the bible "but i don't understand this passage of the bible", he confesses. And besides, it is difficult for him "to be devout on two days", he still alludes to the whit monday holiday.

The spirit must still be blowing strongly: here on the land of the state horticultural show, where the small survey starts. One hope is the garden of religions: is there someone there who knows about whitsun?? An attempt: "pentecost means nothing to me, it's just a day off", says klaus seitz from munich, who was attracted by the colorful blood tent. "I have nothing to do with church holidays", he laughs apologetically. The next question is: "the holy spirit was sent to the apostles to go to the people and to bring the gospel to us", says brigitte helmrich from amlingstadt. Bull's eye! Finally.

In fact, pentecost, the christian feast of the holy spirit, is having a hard time holding its own next to christmas and easter. "Pentecost is so intangible", explains sabine keppner, who is on duty in the church garden. She is an evangelical religion teacher and experiences in her lessons at the primary and secondary school in strullendorf how difficult it is to communicate the feast of pentecost. For the six-, seven-year-old children, she could probably hand them pentecost as the "birthday of the church" bring close. The older ones try to use the symbolism of "enthusiasm" to give something of the whitsunday fire: "the apostles found courage to go out to make known", sabine keppner brings another pentecostal component into play.

Pastoral advisor hubertus lieberth from the cathedral parish also starts with the youngest people. Yesterday, sunday, he and three volunteers tried to get hold of the holy spirit during a children's service in the cathedral's nail chapel. "Suddenly something has grown among the young people, something like a warm, a light. A warm that becomes more and more coarse, something like a good fire has arisen among them", lieberth told the boys and girls about the roar of the spirit of god. Each child received a handmade "flame" in the hand. And this should be passed on to the parents, so that they too can "hear something of jesus".

As the most important feast

astoral advisor lieberth regrets that "pentecost is not in the public consciousness and is often only perceived as an extended weekend". It was "such a wonderful festival", actually "the most important festival, because without pentecost we didn't know what christmas and easter were", lieberth says. In addition, there is no pentecostal festival tradition that radiates into the families. Therefore – he begins to philosophize – pentecost is wonderfully suitable for "talking about the relationship between power and spirit in the church".

So the people of bamberg can start already on whitsunday with a good pint of wine. The wine festival takes place on the maxplatz. And from there it goes to the goal straight of the "bavaria round trip" at schonleinsplatz. If you want to pedal yourself, you can set off for the bamberger hugel: in the cathedral, archbishop ludwig schick will celebrate a confirmation at 9.30 p.M. A pentecostal pontifical mass with cathedral choir and wind ensemble. In st. Stephan there is also at 9.30 a.M. Confirmation service with gospel choir. And if the spirit has still not taken hold of you, you can immerse yourself in the ghostly atmosphere of times long past on the night watch tour starting at 9 p.M.

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