Half of the german smartphones run on android

half of the german smartphones run on android

According to calculations by the market research company comscore, published by the news magazine "focus", the market share of android devices rose from 27.2 to 50.1 percent within a year by the end of september. Among the manufacturers, samsung leads with 31 percent. The comscore figures show the stock of equipment actually in use, not current sales.

A good one in every five computer cell phones is an iphone. According to comscore, the market share declined slightly to 21 percent. However, the new iphone 5 was not launched until the end of september and the waiting of customers had also printed the sales of new apple phones in the months before.

The old symbian system from nokia has lost further ground, but still accounts for 17.6 percent of smartphone sales. A good year and a half ago, the former world market leader in cell phones turned its attention to the windows phone platform from microsoft. However, the software has so far failed to achieve the hoped-for sales. According to comscore, the windows systems were last at 5.8 percent after 9.2 percent a year earlier. Devices with the new windows phone 8 variant, which are now coming onto the market, are expected to bring a turnaround.

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