Grune: no more legal dispute over social foundation

Grune: no more legal dispute over social foundation

A strategy meeting of the foundation council also dealt with the "balance between growth and social compatibility".

The bayreuth administrative court will not have to deal with the question of whether mayor andreas starke (SPD) may have withheld incriminating information, thereby depriving the city council of important information on which to base its decision to extend the contract of xaver frauenknecht, the chairman of the social foundation. The grunen have submitted a so-called settlement declaration on monday, which is why it is assumed that the urgent proceedings will be discontinued. Reason for the withdrawal: the GAL considers its goal to have been achieved and the dispute to be moot, because the controversial document, which was approved by the 16. The government's statement on the purchase of a specialist medical practice in forchheim, dated february, had already been distributed on friday at a special meeting of the foundation board.

Nevertheless, the GAL faction maintained its criticism of OB stark on monday. "We see ourselves fully confirmed that the government's declaration was not a preliminary result, but a final opinion. It shows that the foundation board has acted against the decision of the foundation council. This information had to be given to every city council member after they had received it", said the chairwoman of the parliamentary group ursula sowa.

As of monday evening, the city has not yet declared whether it will settle the dispute. Regardless of this, oberburgermeister stark stuck to his view of things: the GAL faction had no legal claim to the information at all – unlike the members of the foundation council. The latter had received the government's statement, which in his opinion was a premature one, at the earliest possible opportunity. Unlike sowa, OB does not interpret the government documents as an indication of possible misconduct on the part of the foundation's chairman, xaver frauenknecht. There are different legal opinions on this. The decisive factor for him is that the government describes the process as not requiring approval and also sees no reason to "intervene under foundation supervisory law".

Criticism is inappropriate

For the oberburg mayor, the grunen's criticism is also inappropriate because even if there were something to complain about, it would only be a mosaic piece in the consideration of xaver frauenknecht's overall performance. For him, the debate was not about not allowing other opinions, but about preventing "the social foundation from becoming a political plaything. He is also aware that the staff of the social foundation is often stretched to the limit. However, this is not a problem specific to bamberg, but, as the circumstances have shown, is the case with nursing staff practically everywhere. "It is therefore absolutely unfair to blame xaver frauenknecht for the structural problems of the german hospital system", said strong.

Despite the clear words in the direction of grune, the city leader emphasized the constructive atmosphere in which new concepts for the future of the social foundation were developed on friday in the course of moderated workshops. According to stark, the aim here was also to keep an even closer eye on the balance between growth and social compatibility, which is why he had attached importance to having three staff councils involved in the consultations. Starke: "we have a responsibility to use the remaining room for maneuver as intelligently as possible."

Declarations of intent are not enough

owever, the green city council members are not satisfied with declarations of intent. Andreas reub and ulrike heucken call for a change of course and a new call for tenders for the leadership position. Frauenknecht has proven to be a technocrat who thinks primarily in terms of business figures. The social orientation as a corporate goal is also to be established more clearly than before. It is unlikely, however, that the city council will follow the green call. Strong said the foundation's board of trustees had made a recommendation for frauenknecht by a large majority. It is now to be discussed by the city council.

Foundation director xaver frauenknecht sees the problems addressed as long recognized. "We have been working on this area of tension for years. There is a whole bundle of measures", says the 53-year-old. From stress seminars to an independent ombudsman, the club is trying to prevent stress among its employees. According to the health manager, problems can only be solved through constructive dialog. He also invites the greens to join in.

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