Graduation appeal at mgf: “be who you could be!”

graduation appeal at mgf:

Not "stay as you are" philipp roth wished everyone well, but his vision is: "be who you could be!" Because if everyone uses their full potential of strength, then this generation can succeed in improving and profoundly changing the world. To the good, philipp roth and iris bodenschlagel made clear.

At the beginning of the baccalaureate there were 78 baccalaureate students. 76 were admitted to the baccalaureate, 16 of them had to take additional examinations. "14 students had too few points in german – and 14 too few in math", principal hans-werner fischer didn't mince his words. And in the end six of them did not pass the school leaving examination.

Criticism of school policy
But it wasn't a bad year, it's a trend. "Wouldn't it be better to teach the children to read, write and count again??", fischer criticized school policy and spoke in fist verse, which has lost none of its validity. He told the students: "always be a little friendlier than absolutely necessary!"

Deputy principal armin motschenbacher and district administrator klaus peter sollner () also wished the graduates all the best. And oberburgermeister henry schramm (CSU) amused with his comments on the abitur newspaper.

Edgar stubinger and the big band provided the musical framework for the ceremony. The night ended in the stammberger hall.

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