Fis-president kasper hopes for “neureuther & co.”

fis-president kasper hopes for 'neureuther & co.'

"In the women’s event it didn’t go badly with two medals, but i hope that neureuther& co. What will contribute", said FIS president gianfranco kasper in an interview with the news agency dpa.

Long, long is a podium place at a major event for a german alpine skiing star. With bib number 25, florian eckert fell at the world championships in st. Anton on the descent from the starting thump – and even loved the austrian world champion hannes trinkl in the finish area and its red-white-red ski nation still bangen. "Yes, I’m crazy now", armin assinger was amazed on the ORF mike in february 2001, when eckert was even 0.17 seconds faster than the leading austrian in the last intermediate time. In the end, third place and bronze were on the books: hannes trinkl briefly closed his eyes in relief and took a deep breath. The TV commentators were amazed by the "phenomenon florian eckert.

The upswing in the german men has been there for a long time. Three skiers, neureuther, fritz dopfer and stefan luitz, made it to the podium. But the deserved noble metal is still to come. "We need german medals and german winners all winter long. Because we and winter tourism live from the german market," explained kasper. Financially strong winter sports sponsors come from germany, plus the sales market for sporting goods is solvent and roughly. Overall, however, kasper is pleased these days about "a very good distribution of medals between the individual nations".

Because of the rough market of germany it was also important for the alpine ski racing that the world championship 2011 in garmisch-partenkirchen was a great success. According to kasper, the market town should strive for new title fights. "In any case. Not immediately, but garmisch was a very good place to pass through. I would have been happy if garmisch would have come again. They have done very well, they have the know-how, they have the tracks. Those were very good world championships," kasper emphasized. First of all there are two more world cups in garmisch-partenkirchen on the two weekends after the world cup.

The 2011 world cup host was also included in germany’s bid for the 2018 winter olympics, which lost out to pyeongchang in south korea. But the prospects for a repeat run are good, according to kasper’s expectations.

"I have a bit of a conflict there now. I would say hopefully not for 2022, because then they had a great chance and switzerland would lose. But I would say, 2026 is really the good moment for germany to come back again. If you want winter games," explained the swiss. For the games in nine years also the noble ski resort st. Moritz’s chances.

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