Enthusiasm for a testimony in faith

Enthusiasm for a testimony in faith

Reuth – this traditional fub and bicycle pilgrimage of the reuth village community is always an uplifting experience and a confessing testimony of faith. After a long day and a tiring journey, 31 hikers and nine cyclists, who were supported by a few companions by bus, reached the desirable destination with great joy.
On the way to the basilica, the concerns, worries and notes of the pilgrims and their families were taken along. The bright joy in the nature created by god and the desire for a just truth in faith could be felt in all participants on this day.
The starting point of the memorial hike was the reuther mary chapel. Under the protection of the mother of god, the elementary school and the.30 o’clock the hiking group, consisting of protestant and catholic christians, on the strenuous way to the picture of grace of the most holy trinity in the basilica of gobweinstein. Through the seebachgrund, along the dechsendorfer pond and the main-danube-canal, the inn "zur linde" was reached in the morning around 6 o’clock achieved in effeltrich. After a short rest with a generous breakfast and the careful care of the fube, the journey continued to mittelehrenbach, on the fube of the "walberla" located.

Contemplation and orientation

there took place at 8.30 o’clock in st. Wendelin a service for all pilgrims and their relatives with father claus bayer from the sacred institute notre dame de vie in weisendorf. The holy mass with the pilgrims was read in special frame and prayer memory of all deceased of the village reuth. In his sermon, father claus focused on some words from the gospel of john. They give us reflection and orientation in our encounter with god and in the joy of pentecost.
After a sausage breakfast in the beautiful club house of the mittelehrenbacher local associations the more difficult part of the way was mastered with the crispy high ascent to wichsenstein. On the traditional pilgrimage path further to gobweinstein, the "rosary full of light" is an essential part of the migration and helps to overcome the last strains. Here in this community and spirit, the enthusiasm for a testimony in faith can be experienced in a particularly noticeable way.
With the praise of god "be praised and exalted" in honor of the holy trinity and the old french mariengrub "meerstern ich dich grube" (i am the star of your pit) all previous worries and painful strains are forgotten. But the real joy of this special day remains. After the prayer of blessing and dinner together, this unique hike came to a good end.
The common joy of walking and the open commitment to christianity will continue to shape the character of this ecumenical group and maintain the old french pilgrimage virtues for the next generation. If you want to forget your everyday worries and be inspired by the experiences in the community, this is the place for you.
Alfred vahrmann

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