Construction work on the kindergarten has begun

Mayor sascha gunther’s brief report to the town council was extensive: he informed about a treasure hunt of the parents’ council for the kindergarten children, which had taken place over the whitsun weekend. The initiators of "integra mensch" were also thanked had reported to city hall on 5. The ECB paid a visit to the cow in june and thanked the previous mayor, gerhard ellner, in person for his good cooperation. Mayor gunther assured that he would continue to support this project.

For the new home of the F gerach, the first offers for the kitchen were obtained.

The mayor’s office meeting in the bamberg district office dealt with the topics of the corona pandemic, energetic clear sludge disposal, cycle path construction and intermodal mobility concepts. In addition, attention was drawn to the new advice center for carers in bamberg.

The head of the municipality further informed that in the meantime the construction works of the new kindergarten had begun. In the previous building, the heating system from 1984 was no longer adequate for the now more stringent safety standards. The quantity of the heater, however, was sufficient until the completion of the new kindergarten. However, one must also think about what use one can imagine for the building in the future.

Wish list for eaves

According to mayor sascha gunther, the kindergarten management had already decided which playground equipment could be moved to the new site, namely a swing, slide, climbing frame, seesaw, two rocking animals, sandbox and sun sail. The wish list for the children’s area also included a construction wagon, a climbing arch, a tree trunk for balancing, a device for crawling and hiding, and a water pump for water games. The nursery wanted to reuse its elephant slide, the sandbox, the sun sail and the nest swing. The new terraced garden will be complemented by a train as a playhouse and a slide for small children without stairs. Until the trees could provide shade, sufficient provision had to be made for sun sails, reminded the responsible persons.

"Mud facility" still in storage

Finally, councillor gerhard ellner (SPD) pointed out that the "mud plant" was no longer suitable with the water pump was still in storage, as it had to be dismantled before delivery of the container in the course of the kindergarten expansion. Awa

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