Comodiant blows the march for all

comodiant blows the march for all

The habfurt cultural office started the new year with music, song and humor. At the new year’s concert in the town hall in habfurt, the director petra lettang presented the well-known cabaret artist volker heibmann, the pavel sandorf big band as well as the singers karin schubert, anja hackl and andre sultan-sade as guests. The enthusiastic audience rewarded the actors for their swinging ice mood in the new year with standing ovations.

Among the 300 listeners were gerrid and hans-georg buchlein from eltmann. "We have seen volker heibmann before in the christmas revue in the "comodie furth" and we knew that he could sing really great", they reported. "So we were looking forward to this concert in habfurt." At the end the couple saw their expectations fully fulfilled. "He has a wonderful voice, the band is great, and the surprise effect of the three additional singers was great", they said. "We don’t like ‘waltraud and mariechen’, but we love volker heibmann’s whimsical manner."

Volker heibmann is well known through his performances with martin rassau as "waltraud and mariechen" and as co-operator of the "comodie furth became known. But since childhood his great love was for singing. "One always prefers to do what one does less often", said, said volker heibmann, expressing that he likes to be on stage as a comedian, but even more as a sanger. Even though you can’t earn anything with it, as he smilingly added.

Even as a little boy he was fascinated by organ music and choral singing in the children’s services at the paulskirche in furth. "I really wanted to learn an instrument, said volker heibmann in habfurt "but the cantor thought i should sing in the children’s choir first". When she noticed that i had a nice and high voice, i was allowed to take part in the manger play and sing the part of maria." This was probably also the way to the role of "mariechen" had been, he joked. "But at the age of 16, my voice finally broke and i became a bass player." Today, however, his full voice has the range of a baritone, with which he can make the listeners melt.

Together with pavel sandorf’s big band, which has been an important companion for him for 20 years and which will be performing again this year at "fastnacht in franken (tv carnival from veitshochheim) he gave the audience in habfurt a taste of his wonderful voice and his entertainer-qualities. On the one hand he sang his favorite songs by udo jurgens, peter alexander, stevie wonder, harald juhnke or charles aznavour and songs from the musicals "mozart and "sound of music to.

On the other hand he fascinated with charming moderations and french-bibbing, but also sympathetic, comodic interludes. Guests from untersteinbach had to hold out for some gag and helga freter from altenstein received a humorous-musical pit according to the motto "from the egerland to habfurt". As an additional treat volker heibmann and pavel sandorf, who also wrote all the arrangements, took up the clarinet and played the piece "a journey into happiness".

Karin schubert, anja hackl and andre sultan-sade were not only heard as background singers, but also earned accolades for their soloist roles in a medley from "my fair lady" and the song "you alone from "starlight express together with volker heibmann stormy applause. The swinging concert in habfurt ended after almost three hours and three encores. The audience thanked the artists with standing ovations and long-lasting applause.

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