Coburg art association pays homage to robert reiter

Coburg art association pays homage to robert reiter

Robert reiter is an artist with an absolutely unmistakable handwriting. Whoever has visited one of his numerous exhibitions will always recognize him again. This is not because the painter and graphic artist, who lives in untersiemau, constantly repeats himself in his work. It is rather the striking, always expressive way of line management that characterizes his works.

And it is the themes that have occupied and accompanied him through many years and decades – themes that he has rediscovered again and again. This is shown by a rough exhibition of his work, which the coburg art association is dedicating to him at the opening of its exhibition year. The exhibition is not intended as a belated birthday present for reiter's 80th birthday. His 50th birthday in october of last year, but rather an appreciation of his extensive oeuvre. To make a characteristic selection from reiter's numerous works is certainly not an easy task.

Clever selection
Jurgen sandweg, curator of the art museum erlangen, succeeds in this selection with clever weighting. The majority of the works on display in the pavilion at the hofgarten date from the last few years. Some examples from his earlier years show that reiter has certainly undergone some stylistic changes over the years. Nevertheless, it is unmistakable that this artist early found his own handwriting and consistently developed further. This exhibition is not monotonous at any moment. Reiter discovers something new again and again, even in the seemingly familiar. This is what this presentation with its clever structure makes visible in passing.

Gauerstadt and sulzfeld, spain and italy

Near and far meet in this compilation. Short is the way from gauerstadt and sulzfeld to spain or italy in the pavilion of the art association. The gleichberge in winter or an umbrian field reiter has captured in acrylic on fabric with a fine sense for the characteristics of the respective landscape.

His drypoint etchings, his monotypes, show reiter's mastery of creating seemingly effortless spaces through the alternation of lines and flatly applied color. When viewed cursory, one could almost get the impression that reiter's hand automatically and effortlessly translates what the eye has seen into pictures. Perhaps this is due to the sometimes almost eruptive gesture of his lines, when the needle digs powerfully into the picture support in his drypoint etchings. Reiter's motifs are often spaces or landscapes.
Time and again, reiter has explored cities anew with the eye of the graphic artist, with the eye of the painter – cities in france as well as in spain or italy, for example.

He has gone his own way

The polished, beautiful appearance is not robert reiter's artistic theme. In his work, he is not concerned with surface gloss, but often with the fragile, the torn, the perilous.

It is no coincidence that reiter already goes his own way in the choice of material and technique. In his cityscapes or landscapes he is never concerned with a blob image. Reiter is always searching for the characteristic of his respective motif, which he often encircles, even encircles, artistically in ever new variations.

Reiter's painting often has an archaic quality. This is probably due to the combination of color and material. Often reiter's paintings are kept in earthy tones. Their effect is strengthened by the background he prefers, sackcloth of coarse structure. For the visitor, the walk through this exhibition becomes an encounter with a multifaceted artistic life.

Robert reiter – an artist's life in pictures
Exhibition tip "et in kargadia ego – new landscape paintings by robert reiter (opening: saturday, 19. January, 4 p.M., kunstverein coburg; until 24. February. The introduction will be given by jurgen sandweg, curator of the erlangen art museum). – catalog: 160 pages, paperback, numerous illustrations, 25 euro.

Opening hours tuesday to saturday 2 to 5 p.M., sunday 10 to 12 a.M.30 and 14 to 17 h.

Curriculum vitae rider was born in 1932 in bratislava (prebburg). From 1952 to 1957, he studied at the academy of fine arts in munich and later (until his retirement in 1995) worked as an art teacher in coburg. The young people now face a new two-and-a-half-year phase in their lives, with special activities in school theater and teacher training. Last but not least, reiter earned lasting merits as the initiator of the geratemuseum des coburger landes in the old sheep farm ahorn, acting with great persuasiveness. For two decades he was chairman of the forderverein. Since the beginning of the 80's, reiter has increasingly come to the fore with exhibitions of printmaking and painting. He repeatedly seeks cooperation with writers from the region, for example with ingo cesaro from cronach, with whom several graphic-text cassettes have been produced.

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