Children tell mayor hacker what they think

children tell mayor hacker what they think

Eight-year-old emilia from haundorf presented the mayor with a "development plan" right away, to emphasize their wish. Also this year, mayor german hacker (SPD) did not miss the opportunity to hold a "mayor's office hour" for the children at the play mobile to hold. Not only did he take a lot of time, but he also listened to the children's concerns and taught them about democracy.
The youngest citizens of the city did not mince their words in expressing their wishes and complaints or in informing themselves about the office of the mayor.

Emilia had a much bigger wish last year: "i wanted an indoor skating rink for haundorf." Hacker remembered this very well. But "one grows old", on the wish list of emilia was now at the top of this year a "roller course" – best of all in haundorf. But he can't fulfill this wish, hacker explained to the inquiring haundorferin. He referred to the skate park. "Almost everything is there, you have to see it", recommended hacker.

Emilia's next wish, a merry-go-round for the haundorf playground, can perhaps be fulfilled. "I'll make a note of it, maybe we have something in the building yard, that could be put up", promised the mayor. But that was not the end of emilie's suggestions. The bus house in haundorf needs to be cleaned, she demanded. Hacker explained that the people of the building yard are regularly on the road, but against the graffiti even they are powerless. Emilia would also like to see grassy areas where picnics could be held.

A mayor cannot do everything

Lucia had a very massive complaint and made it with flashing eyes. "The people who don't clean their dogs' windows are pigs", the nine-year-old girl was frustrated. She and her friends had marked the piles before, but that hadn't helped either. The mayor also agreed with her that it is a mess to leave the four-legged friends' waste lying around everywhere. The mayor explained that the city has set up waste bins with the corresponding horns everywhere and that it is an offence if the dog owners do not clean up the dog waste.

He learned something new at the same time. A young boy told the mayor that he had seen young people misusing buckets, making water bombs out of them and throwing them at each other.

The wish for a baker in beutelsdorf was also expressed again, but hacker was unable to fulfill it. "I have no influence on that", he said and explained why. The discussion about the mayor's office took up a lot of space. Lina, ten, asked whether anyone could report to him, and how many hours a day he had to work?

The most powerful man in town?

Lina asked him if he was the most powerful man in town and if he still had time for his family? In addition, the children were given an overview of his activities and a short lesson in democracy. Hacker explained to the interested children that he cannot decide alone, but that projects and decisions must first be discussed and decided in the city council.

With the help of a map, the mayor explained to the children the city limits, bicycle paths and where sports facilities are located. At the end of the session, the mayor was given a surprise. The children sang a little song together with the team of the playmobile.

"When children laugh, the sun rises for us when children dream, hearts go around the world when children cry, the world is in darkness so give the children a chance, a light on the horizon"

Unfortunately, the mayor did not accept an invitation to join the game: "there is a lot of work waiting in the office." At the end the mayor thanked the children and the team of the playmobile. "Such a meeting in the open air is quite something, but office work has to be done as well", sighed hacker somewhat restrained.

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