Newspaper: china spooks out major u.s. Weapons systems

newspaper: china spooks out major u.s. weapons systems

This was reported by the newspaper on tuesday with reference to a confidential report from experts to the defense ministry.

Among the weapons spied on, according to these reports, are the new F-35 fighter jets. The "global hawk" combat drone, which was to be delivered to germany, among other countries, was also affected.

The C-17 transport aircraft, which have been in use since 1993, were also spied on, as were advanced systems such as nanotechnology and satellite communications technology. Among the missile systems are patriot missiles and the ballistic missile system to be installed in the mediterranean.


Coburg art association pays homage to robert reiter

Coburg art association pays homage to robert reiter

Robert reiter is an artist with an absolutely unmistakable handwriting. Whoever has visited one of his numerous exhibitions will always recognize him again. This is not because the painter and graphic artist, who lives in untersiemau, constantly repeats himself in his work. It is rather the striking, always expressive way of line management that characterizes his works.

And it is the themes that have occupied and accompanied him through many years and decades – themes that he has rediscovered again and again. This is shown by a rough exhibition of his work, which the coburg art association is dedicating to him at the opening of its exhibition year. The exhibition is not intended as a belated birthday present for reiter's 80th birthday. His 50th birthday in october of last year, but rather an appreciation of his extensive oeuvre. To make a characteristic selection from reiter's numerous works is certainly not an easy task.

Clever selection
Jurgen sandweg, curator of the art museum erlangen, succeeds in this selection with clever weighting. The majority of the works on display in the pavilion at the hofgarten date from the last few years. Some examples from his earlier years show that reiter has certainly undergone some stylistic changes over the years. Nevertheless, it is unmistakable that this artist early found his own handwriting and consistently developed further. This exhibition is not monotonous at any moment. Reiter discovers something new again and again, even in the seemingly familiar. This is what this presentation with its clever structure makes visible in passing.


Monument council sees bamberg’s world heritage status in danger

Monument council sees bamberg's world heritage status in danger

The railroad considers these fears "exaggerated. Thomas goppel, the former science minister of the CSU, is a friend of bamberg and loves clear words. As chairman of the landesdenkmalrat in bavaria he can combine both inclinations. "It is foreseeable that if the intentions of the bahn AG are implemented as they are currently discussed, we will lose the world heritage status".

With this statement, bavaria's top preservationist is voicing what burghers, politicians and, above all, preservation experts have already been saying behind closed doors. Even his party comrade and transport minister, peter ramsauer, is not spared the explosive consequence and the realization that bamberg is a "deep cut in the grown identity" threatens, should the larmschutzvorhaben be realized so. On the contrary: in a letter to ramsauer, which also talks about a nightmare, goppel advises the transport minister to make the railroad extension through bamberg a "matter for the boss" to make mabigend on the "bahngewaltigen" (railroad violators) and to check whether it is absolutely necessary for the ICE line to run through bamberg for its entire length.

Favourable opportunity