Many bosses become personal in the dispute with employees

Many bosses become personal in the dispute with employees

Unobjective arguments are poisonous for the working atmosphere: in almost every second company, the corporate culture is characterized by a lack of appreciation and respect, according to the study published on wednesday. According to the survey, the main causes of conflict between bosses and employees are unclear instructions from superiors and discussions about working hours.

Companies damage themselves with a lack of dispute culture. Productivity declines and the company’s image declines. "A bad working atmosphere gets through to auben very quickly today," said head of studies hans schlipat. The next generation informs itself in its network about the corporate culture of its potential employers. "Negative experience is immediately visible."

Schlipat recommends that managers rethink their corporate culture on this point and allow an open, constructive discussion. Younger workers in particular liked to express their ideas openly and confidently today. "If the established culture of dispute is missing, everyday discussions escalate quickly."Constant quarrels are a reason to flee for employees. "If the mood in the company is tense, the fluctuation rate will increase."


Motorcyclist collides with cow during dakar rally

motorcyclist collides with cow during dakar rally

The head-on collision between the yamaha da costas and the cow occurred at kilometer 188 of the special stage on the second leg of the 33rd stage of the race. Dakar rally from santa rosa to san rafael. His motorcycle burst into flames after the collision. The condition of the cow was not reported further. The frenchman finished the first stage in 52nd place.

Shortly before, the peruvian motorcyclist manuel jamett had also given up after breaking several toes in a crash. Another participant in the motorcycle race, argentinean mariano lorenzetti, lost his vehicle on monday when it was run over by a truck also taking part in the rally. Lorenzetti had left his KTM motorcycle on the side of the road after a breakdown. The argentinean, who suffered no injuries, had explained before the start that he had sold his apartment to be able to take part in the off-road race.

The day before, the argentinian motorcyclist jorge martinez boero died in an accident during the first stage of the rally. Two passengers of an ultralight plane, who had apparently been following the race from the air, died in the crash of their plane.


Haas and kerber stopped by rain – lisicki advances

Haas and kerber stopped by rain - lisicki advances

First "express shopping" in london, then to the royal ascot and finally in a rush to the third round of her favorite tournament: sabine lisicki is in top form in time for wimbledon. Liscki defeated russia’s jelena wesnina 6:3, 6:1 in just 61 minutes on thursday.

Tommy haas and angelique kerber, on the other hand, were stopped by the famous english rain. Instead of playing for the longed-for third-round berth, germany’s top two tennis pros had to wait for hours before being postponed until the next day. Due to the rain the matches of kerber against estonian kaia kanepi and of haas against jimmy wang from taiwan were postponed to friday. Jan-lennard struff’s match against frenchman jeremy chardy was stopped at 2:6, 7:5, 2:1 for the 23-year-old from warstein and will also be continued on friday. Then dustin brown will also be competing against the frenchman adrian mannarino for a place in the round of the best 16.

The only match to be played on thursday evening was that of world number one novak djokovic. The 26 year old serb won under the closed roof of the center court against the american bobby reynolds 7:6 (7:2), 6:3, 6:1.


Lidl parent company continues expansion in the mull market

Lidl parent company continues expansion in the mull market

Neckarsulm (dpa) – movement on the garbage market: the parent company of the discount chain lidl, the schwarz group, is the first retailer to establish its own dual system. This was confirmed by a company spokeswoman on request.

She did not want to give details. So far, there are nine such systems – they organize the collection, sorting and recycling of waste generated in industry and commerce. The best known is the company DSD, which holds the trademark rights to the recycling symbol gruner punkt. According to industry estimates, lidl pays between 70 and 80 million euros a year for the organization of private label packaging waste.

The schwarz group thus continues its expansion in the waste market. In the summer, it took over the fifth-largest private german waste disposal company, tonsmeier from porta westfalica (north rhine-westphalia). With the foundation of the dual system under the name "prezero dual gmbh", the schwarz group will in future cover the entire waste chain, from the organization of collection in a dual system to sorting and recycling. "This is a completely new, major market player that will put the entire industry under considerable pressure," according to industry sources.


Phantom search: who knows gabriele brendel??

Phantom search: who knows gabriele brendel??

Kulick holds a doctorate in civil engineering and is a professor at the university of applied sciences in mainz. Extensive research on the stone industry in the eltmann area drove him to the region. An answer to his probably rather rhetorically meant exaggeration gave the expert himself. He is researching a woman named gabriele brendel. "In the ebelsbacher chronicle published in 2004, mrs. Brendel is mentioned as a contributor", the professor states.

Among other things, her contribution to the chapter on the natural stone industry was made. "I am looking for gabriele brendel, because I expect more information about this topic from her", the scientist explained to the present members of the working group. He has already asked many people in the habberge about it, including roland mayer, one of the editors and author of the book "1200 years of ebelsbach". Nobody had been able to help him so far.

Now he hopes to find clarification in the working group, to which several experts interested in natural stone belong. But even "old hands, like heinrich weisel from zeil or the district curator of local history gunter lipp, could not help. "Maybe the lady got married and took another name", was rumored. "She could have been working on a student teaching project and left the county", another possibility is. A "phantom of the ebelsbachtal" it is surely not, one joked.


Sharp, growing protests against internet and phone surveillance

After google, microsoft now also officially insists on being allowed to publish the number of requests for user data from intelligence services. More than half a million people have joined a campaign calling for an end to government surveillance of the internet and telephone. Their rallying cry: "stop watching us".

On thursday, two weeks after the campaign began, the digital signature count stood at over 511,000. The action was started by mozilla, the developer of the firefox browser.

Among the most prominent signatories are chinese dissident and artist ai weiwei, web pioneer tim berners-lee and actor john cusack. Numerous civil rights organizations also joined the protest.


Lichtenfels “urbrau”: supermarket with its own beer

Lichtenfels 'urbrau': supermarket with its own beer

"The lichtenfels urbrau has become a piece of my free time", says christian werner, manager of the edeka store in mainau. Since the opening last fall, he has been selling his own beer under the name "bayerisch urbrau". Once a week he drives his audi to kulmbach to the kommunbrau and picks up the beer personally. "The ride, a snack there: that’s an hour and a half for me, when I can really switch off, says werner. Then he loads the one-liter bottles into his trunk, now and then also a barrel. 150 liters currently sold weekly. A crowd about which the coarse breweries only smile. But werner is not alone.

The counter-trend to breweries is taking place in many small brewpubs. Own beer used to be available on every corner – now it’s coming back. In uetzing there is the metzgerbrau, in lichtenfels there is a small kettle in the former butcher’s shop krug, which is now to become an inn. A tenant is still being sought. And there is the "urbrau" from lichtenfels again.

"Our beer is alive, says werner. He means that the yeast is not filtered out – and the beer in the bottle continues to ferment. To stop the cooking process, the beer has to be cooled and still only lasts six weeks. "I am more the fresh one, I like the beer young. With time it becomes more tart and strong. There are also customers who keep it extra long", tells werner.


The kissinger hut goes into hibernation

The kissinger hut goes into hibernation

After an unusual season that was strongly affected by the corona pandemic, winter hibernation is now beginning for the bad kissingen mountain hut in the tannheim mountains. Under the leadership of hut warden erich lehenbauer, some section members went to the hut in wintry conditions to help with the work at the end of the season and to thank the hut warden sabine wirth and her team for the work they had done in sometimes difficult conditions.

Erich lehenbauer pointed out that the hut had received nothing but praise during the open hut test of the alpine association. Highlighted were the rough friendliness of the staff, the good price/performance ratio, the good service and the cleanliness of the hat, which was especially important this year. Not a single infection has been detected in connection with the hut.

Then it went to the work, which is absolutely necessary, so that the hat survives the winter well. This ranged from keeping the shutters secure, to emptying the water pipes, to covering the light wells and removing the water pumps. Finally, the workshop was cleaned out and repainted, and the winter room was prepared. However, because of corona, it is available only in extreme emergencies. A sign indicates that the winter area may not be used for tourist purposes this winter.


Hairdresser harvests asparagus: full baskets make jasmin happy

hairdresser harvests asparagus: full baskets make jasmin happy

Franconia’s favorite vegetable, asparagus, is currently in high season. After a warm winter and pre-summer temperatures around easter time, it urgently needed pruning. But also the agricultural sector was overtaken by the corona crisis – like the hairdressers. And so jasmin swetlik swapped her comb and scissors for an asparagus knife, gloves and harvest basket without further ado. The mobile hairdresser in the kitzingen and wurzburg area now works at karin and udo hertlein’s spargelhof haidt.

Among the non-specialist helpers are students, many short-time workers from companies such as leoni and fehrer, but also self-employed people such as hairdressers or employees of specialist shops. They want to supplement their salaries while they are on vacation, and also help out the farming community. These usually have their eastern european helpers, but in times of corona it is not only expensive but also time consuming to bring them to germany.

Harvest workers flown in from eastern europe

The 26 harvesters from eastern europe at "udo’s spitzenspargel had to be flown in and had to undergo a security check at the airport. Only then were they allowed to start their seasonal work in haidt – separated from the new employees from the region. The rest of the rumanian harvest workers arrive in the kleinlangheim district by bus from nurnberg at the weekend.


Golf club abolishes admission fee

This was the conclusion reached by wolfgang hertrich, president of the bad kissingen golf club, at this year’s members’ meeting. Hertrich attributed this result above all to the catchment area of the bad kissingen golf club: "here, we can’t make the most of it like other golf clubs with big-city connections". Furthermore, the average age in the club is disproportionately high compared to the national average, so that the resignation rate is naturally higher due to the club’s age.

No more admission fee

the suspension of the admission fee at the neighboring golf club in maria bildhausen also made this club particularly attractive for new golfers a few years ago. This has resulted in a certain amount of pressure and the golf club has now also abolished the admission fee for new members. At the same time, the annual membership fee was raised from 990 euros to 1200 euros.
The annual general meeting of the bad kissingen golf club was held at the parkwohnstift with a record attendance of 187 voting members. And that was a good thing, because the decisions that had to be made were far-reaching: it is about nothing less than securing the future of the golf club.
The new administrative structures for tighter cost control and the work with budgets in the individual areas had taken effect, said hertrich. The club was able to meet its 2012 savings budget. Costs in 2012 had always been kept under control, but income had not developed as desired. This was the reason for the board to develop a concept for the future, which was presented by treasurer jurgen hohmeier. Key points: abolition of the admission fee, increase in the annual membership fee. The self-financing capability of the business operations and investments had to be ensured. Target: up to 100 new members to join the club in the next five years.

New mdowns

with the abolition of the admission fee, the bad kissingen club is also following a trend: 46 percent of all clubs now no longer charge an admission fee. At the same time, the board is proposing the establishment of a financing fund, into which the additional income from membership growth and other surpluses should flow. These funds are to be used exclusively for necessary investments and to secure the future of the golf club. This also includes the construction of a new practice area with five short courses, which can be used by new golfers, for example. This decrease will significantly increase the attractiveness of the bad kissingen golf course and improve the practice and training facilities for all members. It also strengthens the club’s competitiveness, since the surrounding golf courses already have a so-called short course, hohmeier explained.

The necessary investments

since a large part of the work required for the construction of the fairways can be carried out by the club itself, the estimated investment was around 30,000 euros. The focus is still on extensive marketing measures to attract new members and to increase the number of guests playing golf on the course (green fee players). The demand of the youth golfers will be further developed from a high level, should be for young people how to make parents more attractive.
In the vote, the members followed the board’s proposals unreservedly with a large majority in each case: the increase in the annual membership fee was approved, as was the groundbreaking abolition of the admission fee. The meeting also approved the establishment of the investment fund – one member spontaneously promised a donation as the first contribution to the fund – and spoke in favor of the realization of the practice lanes. Consequently, the 2013 budget presented was also approved.
Karl schatzle, the club’s manager, reviewed the 2012 golf season from a sporting point of view. The goal of inspiring even more golfers to take part in the competitions was achieved with a total of 2019 tournament rounds played. Men, seniors, midseniors and midladies – all had succeeded in 2012 in maintaining their class, all had represented the golf club bad kissingen supraregionally worthy. The chairman once again drew the assembly’s attention to the sporting highlight of 2012 – the new course record set by sebastian appold – a member of the bad kissingen golf club – with 63 strokes.

In focus: new golfers

in the context of an outlook on the upcoming golf season, karl schatzle particularly emphasized the new "golf beginner program special measures, which take into account the needs and sensitivities of new golfers, had to be.
Under the agenda item new elections jurgen hohmeier as treasurer and karl schatzle as game leader were confirmed in their offices. For roland berninger, who did not stand for election as an assessor, ulrike schatzle was elected.