Oskar trots the ladies dream team

oskar trots the ladies dream team

Already in the early hours of the morning, a hustle and bustle begins on the forest sports field. Drinks and food have to be brought, canopies erected, benches and tables set up, and sales booths set up.
In silence, but in time, the helpers are ready on time. At 10.30 o’clock the festival begins. The may hikers are on earlier than usual this year. "The timing just worked out", says the chairwoman with relief as the first guests arrive before 11 a.M.
Until the 1990s, the waldsportfest was a highly regarded soccer festival, sometimes featuring more than 25 teams. But times have changed. Instead of fubball, there is "human soccer" today-tournaments – on poles in the fenced-in "kafig- on the program and the players are mostly from hobby teams or youth clubs, because the FC feuerthal has not had its own soccer team for a long time.
This year there were only five teams competing for the coveted traveling cup. "Due to numerous association catch-up games, we have lost some teams", beck-gradert suspects, but this does not diminish the fun. The teams know each other, they were also in 2012. New, however, is a women’s team with the name abanadiebar (off to the bar), which comes from wasserlosen and is based on an idea of tanja morath "from spab and team spirit" competed in the tournament.
"We don’t really have anything else to do with fubball, because we are a korbball team that plays in the schweinfurt area in the points competition.", betrayal kristin. The ladies were even champions of their class last year. "We just wanted to try something different", she adds.
Melissa, janine, eileen, tanja, sabrina and kirstin first learned that in human soccer you have to take abuse as well as goals when they are on the pitch. "They were quite brutal. There were bad words like "knocks them over, they are not so nice", complains janine. "We will still take part again next year and train for the tournament at home", says, the girls declare. Melissa, who scored a goal, says: "we have lost every game, but we are the winners of the hearts" .
Andrea beck-gradert honored the courage of the wasserlosen basketball team with an "oscar" in mini format "so that at least one man is in the team the next time", as the chairwoman humorously remarked. In the "everyone against everyone" mode last year’s winners, the "saubagasch" from langendorf, won once again through and relegated the "aschier sixpack", the "waster vandals and the JUZ feuerthal on the court.
The erlos from the waldsportfest fliebt partly in the sporting activities and the offers of the FC feuerthal, such as the ladies gymnastics group and the since a year opened and well-attended senior gymnastics. "I need several euros to pay for the training leader, the rent for the hall and the purchase of new sports equipment", assures the chairwoman, who is, however, gladly prepared to co-finance a charitable collection in the district.


Herrmann cycling team from baiersdorf wants to go on the german tour

Herrmann cycling team from baiersdorf wants to go on the german tour

The anticipation is written all over stefan herrmann’s face. The team boss of the herrmann cycling team – and managing director of the eponymous baiersdorf company – has three goals for the 2019 season. First: "we want to be first in the bundesliga." Second: "we also have a title to defend." And above all: "we want to ride in the deutschland-tour."

The deutschland-tour is the only stage race of the cycling elite on german soil. Participation has not been possible for the herrmann cycling team so far. Last year’s field consisted of eleven teams with the world team license – the highest awarded by the world governing body UCI. These teams also take part in the major events around the world, such as the tour de france. In addition, there were six teams with the second-highest professional license ("professional continental") and four teams with the third-class continental license. Now the herrmann cycling team has one too.

"This step into the professional world means that we are also eligible to compete in rougher races", says team leader grischa janorschke. The race calendar now includes the tour de taiwan in march for example. "After last season’s success, the license was the logical consequence." A lot of paperwork and licensing fees of about 20000 euro had to be paid for it.


Union and spd: there can be no “business as usual

Union and spd: there can be no 'business as usual

On the first day of their official exploratory talks, the leaders of the CDU, CSU and SPD underscored the need for comprehensive reforms in germany and europe.

“We are all aware of our responsibility for the future of germany and europe,” said SPD secretary general lars klingbeil in berlin. It is clear to all: “there can be no “business as usual”.”It is the firm intention that there will be an exploratory result next thursday, “on the basis of which we will then decide whether further talks are worthwhile”.

Germany is “in a new era. And these new times need new policies,” said klingbeil, adding: “we see that policies in this country have to change.”The 15 working groups had already discussed the matter on the first day. Klingbeil would not give details. The discussions were very serious and focused, but open. Although they already know each other, it is a “special situation”.


52 Members performed 10217 hours

52 members performed 10217 hours

At the annual general meeting, BRK district manager juergen beninga highlighted the good development of the BRK froschgrund rescue squad since 2001. She is an indispensable element in the rescue service of the red cross. The annual report of the standby leadership clearly proved the statement. The 52 members worked a total of 10217 hours. According to beninga, this means that every volunteer has put in five full weeks of work in the service of the community.

Do it with music

It is remarkable that the members had to spend almost a quarter of the service hours for their own financing. Juergen beninga also mentioned this fact: it clearly shows that the members had to spend a lot of time in order to be able to help other people at all. The willingness to help went a different way here when she brought the bavarian police orchestra to rodental for a benefit concert. Marcel thein (tactical leader) described this as a full success and already put the next concert of this kind in prospect. On 9. November 2019 this event will take place.
The fact that the rescue team has a lot to offer was evident from the words of the deputy rescue team leader, yvonne schuppler. Marcel thein added to this information: the helpers from the frog ground were in action on 48 days for the sanitary service security. "This equals almost one day per week", clarified thein. The population can also rely on the rapid response group. The helpers were on standby for seven missions.
The volunteers invested 1740 hours of service in training and further education. The readiness can be proud of its youth group. A total of 14 children and young people have joined the BRK's junior staff. Wherever possible, the youth group supported the adults. Of course, training and socializing were not neglected.
The deputy head of the district preparedness team claus weigand said that the preparedness team froschgrund can count on a perfect mix of experienced older and highly motivated younger members. "This is what makes you such a high-performing team," says cord eckel, underlined weigand.
Full of praise and respect was mayor marco steiner (). After his words the "frog" stand on a very good basis. He called out to the members: "you can be proud of what you have achieved." And the deputy chairman of the fire department association froschgrund, markus behring, emphasized how important the BRK is for rescue operations of the fire department. Finally, marcel thein informed the assembly that three emergency backpacks worth 12,000 euros had been purchased thanks to a number of sponsors.
Martin rebhan


New movement in conflict between washington and tehran

New movement in conflict between washington and tehran

After months of escalation, the fire-threatening conflict between the u.S. And iran is getting underway. For the first time in more than 40 years, a summit meeting between the two countries could take place again.

Following french leader emmanuel macron’s mediation at the G7 summit in biarritz, U.S. President donald trump on monday saw a "very good chance" for a meeting with his iranian counterpart hassan ruhani.

It would be a historic event, because the U.S. Sees iran as an enemy and has not maintained diplomatic relations with tehran for a long time. Efforts to defuse the crisis dominated the summit of the heads of state and government of the seven economic powers (G7) in the french seaside resort, which ended on monday after three days.


Half of the german smartphones run on android

half of the german smartphones run on android

According to calculations by the market research company comscore, published by the news magazine "focus", the market share of android devices rose from 27.2 to 50.1 percent within a year by the end of september. Among the manufacturers, samsung leads with 31 percent. The comscore figures show the stock of equipment actually in use, not current sales.

A good one in every five computer cell phones is an iphone. According to comscore, the market share declined slightly to 21 percent. However, the new iphone 5 was not launched until the end of september and the waiting of customers had also printed the sales of new apple phones in the months before.

The old symbian system from nokia has lost further ground, but still accounts for 17.6 percent of smartphone sales. A good year and a half ago, the former world market leader in cell phones turned its attention to the windows phone platform from microsoft. However, the software has so far failed to achieve the hoped-for sales. According to comscore, the windows systems were last at 5.8 percent after 9.2 percent a year earlier. Devices with the new windows phone 8 variant, which are now coming onto the market, are expected to bring a turnaround.