Construction work on the kindergarten has begun

Mayor sascha gunther’s brief report to the town council was extensive: he informed about a treasure hunt of the parents’ council for the kindergarten children, which had taken place over the whitsun weekend. The initiators of "integra mensch" were also thanked had reported to city hall on 5. The ECB paid a visit to the cow in june and thanked the previous mayor, gerhard ellner, in person for his good cooperation. Mayor gunther assured that he would continue to support this project.

For the new home of the F gerach, the first offers for the kitchen were obtained.

The mayor’s office meeting in the bamberg district office dealt with the topics of the corona pandemic, energetic clear sludge disposal, cycle path construction and intermodal mobility concepts. In addition, attention was drawn to the new advice center for carers in bamberg.


Vr-bank coburg distributes sugar coupons

Vr-bank coburg distributes sugar coupons

The young people who began their training as bankers at VR-bank coburg are now looking forward to a new two-and-a-half-year phase in their lives. From now on, they will have to integrate practical training, in-company instruction and vocational school into their new daily routine. You will learn the basics of finance, credit and investment advice and everything about account management. In the branches, you will learn about the service concept of the VR-bank.
A 100 percent chance of being taken on after the apprenticeship is given if the apprentice performs well. As a regional banking institution, investing in the education of young people is both an obligation and an investment. Young people are offered interesting prospects. VR-bank is considered a secure and valued employer. On the very first day of work, there was a great deal of information that is important for training and working at the bank.
For more information about training at VR-bank coburg, please contact evelyn loose, mohrenstrabe 7a in coburg.


Record growth at volksbank

Good mood at the volksbank forchheim representatives’ meeting: the cooperative bank can look forward to record growth, according to a press release. Accordingly, the volume of customers serviced increased by 138 million euros in 2017 to almost two billion euros.
Gregor scheller, chairman of the volksbank board of management, explained: "our customers appreciate the fact that we continue to focus on personal advice on site. At the same time, we are offering our customers more and more digital services that make simple banking transactions easier and more convenient. We see ourselves as the digital branch bank of tomorrow."

Plus for commercial loans

Volksbank recorded a strong increase in lending business. The increase is due in particular to growth in business with commercial and corporate customers: a total of 587 million euros in loans were extended. "Compared to last year, we were able to increase commercial lending by almost 14 percent", alexander brehm, member of the board of management, announced. The bank also recorded an eight percent increase in loans to private individuals. In real estate financing, it recorded growth of around ten percent to 444 million euros.

Customers’ investments

Customer deposits also increased despite low interest rates due to market conditions: in 2017, the volume of customer deposits under management rose by 83 million to 1.3 billion euros. As in previous years, customers were particularly interested in short-dated forms of investment.
Joachim hausner, another member of the board of management, reported: "while borrowers are benefiting from the low interest rate, it is all the more important for savers to discuss investment alternatives in the context of an advisory service that still promise a positive return even adjusted for inflation." The interest in securities funds and the gold savings plan, which the bank has been offering since march 2017 as one of the first in bavaria, was therefore particularly great. The home savings and insurance business also developed briskly in the fiscal year.


Committee wants to love the stairway to the church

Gerach – the meeting of the gerach town council dealt with the redesign of the church surroundings. This is to be fundamentally renewed within the framework of the village renewal program. The first stone of pride for the community council was the stairway from the lower village street to the church.

Dangerous mouth
this staircase has existed, explained mayor gerhard ellner (SPD), since time immemorial, but since it leads directly into the village street, a traffic hazard could not be ruled out because of the increasing traffic, at least according to the results of a traffic inspection in july. In order to reduce this danger a bit, the council unanimously decided to install a sign "achtung fubganger" ("attention pedestrians") on the main road with the additional sign "right turning and from the church in front of the stairs a sign "achtung" (attention) with the additional sign "roadway without footpath to be installed.
How long these signs will serve their purpose is questionable, however, because afterwards the council discussed in detail whether the stairs are still needed at all. Ellner argued that if the stairs were closed, the traffic hazard would no longer exist and, moreover, more funds would then be available for village renewal. Ralf groger (UWG) also tended to the closure, michaela batz (CSU), on the other hand, advocated keeping the staircase open, because nothing had happened in the last 50 years, although this staircase is still often used. In the end, the council was divided: four members voted for the preservation of the stairs, seven for a closure, so that the upcoming signage will soon be nothing more than wastepaper.
For the redesign of the church environment, the council also decided to conclude an agreement with the participant community gerach on the preparation of a structural engineering design. The costs for this amount to 20,600 euros, the share of the municipality is 9270 euros.

Costs for recreation taken over
A heart for veteran firefighters had the municipal council as well as the advice of the other VG-members. The municipality takes over the costs in height of 250 euro for a companion of a fire-brigade man, who performed 40 years of active fire-brigade service and for it by the free state of bavaria financed stay in the fire-brigade recreation home bayerisch gmain is donated.
As the last VG member, the gerach community council also agreed to intercommunal cooperation on the gerach broadband connection. Gerach receives here a demand maximum amount of 590,000 euro, which is increased by 50,000 euro by the inter-municipal cooperation.
Finally, the council approved a proposal from the veitenstein sports club to make the laimbachtalhalle accessible for sports activities during winter training. For the use from november to the end of march there will be a fee of 250 euro for electricity, water and heating.