Bamberg traffic lights dead – cars stopped, police rotated

Bamberg traffic lights dead - cars stopped, police rotated

About 14.32 o'clock the first in a long line of callers had reported that traffic lights were out in the city center. Police patrols went out and tried as best they could to untangle the traffic junctions. According to klaus linsner of the police, this was only partially successful, however, because the patrol cars were naturally also stuck in traffic on their way to the inner-city ring road.

The feudu was to blame
ll the traffic lights around the city center and on the arterial roads went out. In memmelsdorfer strabe, siechenstrabe, margaretendamm, luitpoldstrabe, schonleinsplatz and around the train station, nothing moved anymore. The whole traffic light spook only lasted for half an hour. But until all the traffic jams had cleared up, many motorists had to be patient for a much longer time.

According to claus reinhardt, press spokesman for the city of bamberg, all traffic lights connected to the so-called fire department through-routing program (feudu) were affected. Feudu will be manually operated by the firefighters to be able to turn the traffic lights to green for the emergency vehicles at certain intersections. This is how the rescue teams get to the scene of the emergency more quickly. According to reinhardt's findings so far, a software error had apparently become embedded in this program, which an employee of siemens wanted to correct. During this intervention, according to the cautious assumption of the press spokesman, the failure of the traffic lights may have happened.

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