Almost every second mountain plant in germany is endangered

Almost every second mountain plant in germany is endangered

Almost every second fern and flower in german mountain regions is endangered. The federal government expects that climate change will put pressure on plants in subalpine and alpine locations – it can already be observed that species are migrating to higher altitudes where it is cooler.

This is the result of the federal government’s response to a question from the grunen in the bundestag, which is available to the german press agency.

Of the 420 native fern and flowering plants in the subalpine and alpine regions, 193, or 46 percent, are currently on the red list, according to the ministry. This means that these plants are extinct or no longer found, endangered or extremely rare. In the past 20 to 25 years, the endangerment status has improved for 30 species and worsened for 82 species.

Studies in the alps and other mountains around the world have already shown "areal shifts" of high-altitude plant species, it continues. Species from lower layers spread to higher layers, which changed the competition conditions.

So far, the red list "does not yet show a clear climate signal," the ministry writes; on average, the proportion of declining species is higher for warm-loving than for cold-loving species. Other factors, such as land use and manure, are believed to have had a greater impact so far, he said. "Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the impact on the population and distribution of plant species will play an increasing role in the coming decades."

Steffi lemke, spokeswoman for nature conservation policy for the grunen party in the bundestag, told the dpa: "whether gentian, noblewoman or red cabbage – numerous mountain plants are threatened with extinction." The climate crisis further aggravates the situation. "It is clear that we are facing a dramatic loss of cold-loving mountain plants." Germany must implement effective climate protection, also to preserve our nature and livelihoods.

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