Air and building samples taken in kindergarten

air and building samples taken in kindergarten

When britta kaiser, press spokeswoman for the city of forchheim, announced on monday that formaldehyde levels in the carl-zeitler kindergarten were too high, the outcry – also online – was great. But although the acute danger has been averted by more frequent airing, kaiser is still alarmed: "currently, the employees are airing every hour, but we have to find the source quickly, because if it gets colder outside, we won't be able to air so much anymore."

Further control measurements took place on tuesday morning by the surveyor. Measurements have now been taken in all rooms to determine where the formaldehyde content in the air is particularly high and in which parts of the building it is lower. This is another way the city hopes to track down the source of formaldehyde.

On friday the expert will take samples of the material, especially from the walls. On wednesday evening there will be a non-official event in the kindergarten. The parents are fully informed and have the opportunity to seek advice from a medical professional. The elevated level of formaldehyde was noticed after initial measurements in august. Earlier, employees had complained of health problems.

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