A ballet teacher lives her dream in habfurt

A ballet teacher lives her dream in habfurt

Instead of horn-rimmed glasses and a chignon, uta moller-reub wears plastic glasses and red, short hair. When she tells strangers that she teaches ballet, the question that usually follows is: "and what do you do during the day??" "As if being a ballet teacher wasn't a full-time job", snorts the 44-year-old. In the meantime, she takes such revisions quite calmly. But when she has the opportunity – as she does now – to clear up a few professional misconceptions, she is happy to do so.

Waiting for the first lesson
Uta moller-reub has been dancing since she could walk. As a child, she moved to folklore and children's dancing in her hometown of konigsberg. When she saw an operetta with ballet dancers for the first time at the age of seven, she knew what she really wanted to do: ballet.

"But back then there was nothing in the habberge district. My parents had to drive me to bamberg. We were four children, that was not possible", recalls the 44-year-old.

Her hour came when the volksbildungswerk (VBW) offered ballet lessons in habfurt in 1981. She was twelve years old. From then on, she took all the classes and trained every day – first at the volksbildungswerk at herrenhof and from 1985 at the current location "am ziegelbrunn" in habfurt. In 1998 uta moller-reub took over the direction of the ballet department, which became a ballet school in its own right in 2003 with the founding of the association on point. The ballet teacher took over the first chair and left the ballet barre to her students.

A teacher does not toot her own horn
"No teacher should bounce around on stage or in class with her students", says moller-reub. When they met the incredible when she notices the look on her partner's face, she has to laugh. "Yes, I know, many do. But schools should not imitate what the teacher does. I want them to understand what they are doing", explains the ballet teacher. She gives her students the tools they need to be creative themselves. "Dance is finally an art", she says.

But just like the profession of a journalist, that of a dance teacher is not protected. "Anyone can call themselves a dance teacher and teach," says uta moller-reub, says uta moller-reub. What finally pays is the (learning) success of the students.

Parallel to her lessons at the volksbildungswerk, moller-reub attended the wurzburg theater ballet school as a teenager. She was already teaching "early dance education" at the age of 15 in habfurt. On weekends and during the vacations, she attended the ballet academy in colonia and various workshops. 1988 to 1992 followed an extra-occupational training as ballet padagogue with ursula bormann, lecturer at the ballet academy koln. At the time, uta moller-reub was already teaching on a daily basis.

"My dream has always been to pass on the passion and ignite the love of dance in others", the mother of two children swarmed. A good choice. Although uta moller-reub possessed the necessary enthusiasm and discipline, she did not meet the physical requirements of a ballerina.

A tough job
"he demands of choreographers and ballet masters are tough and there are few permanent jobs", woman the teacher. She therefore advised her schoolgirls against attending private dance academies. Here, the admission criteria are easier "but if you don't make it to a state school, you don't make it to the stage," says moller-reub.

Of the thousands of schoolgirls (and far fewer schoolboys), ten have so far embarked on a professional career. "Most teach", moller-reub is pleased.

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