52 Members performed 10217 hours

52 members performed 10217 hours

At the annual general meeting, BRK district manager juergen beninga highlighted the good development of the BRK froschgrund rescue squad since 2001. She is an indispensable element in the rescue service of the red cross. The annual report of the standby leadership clearly proved the statement. The 52 members worked a total of 10217 hours. According to beninga, this means that every volunteer has put in five full weeks of work in the service of the community.

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It is remarkable that the members had to spend almost a quarter of the service hours for their own financing. Juergen beninga also mentioned this fact: it clearly shows that the members had to spend a lot of time in order to be able to help other people at all. The willingness to help went a different way here when she brought the bavarian police orchestra to rodental for a benefit concert. Marcel thein (tactical leader) described this as a full success and already put the next concert of this kind in prospect. On 9. November 2019 this event will take place.
The fact that the rescue team has a lot to offer was evident from the words of the deputy rescue team leader, yvonne schuppler. Marcel thein added to this information: the helpers from the frog ground were in action on 48 days for the sanitary service security. "This equals almost one day per week", clarified thein. The population can also rely on the rapid response group. The helpers were on standby for seven missions.
The volunteers invested 1740 hours of service in training and further education. The readiness can be proud of its youth group. A total of 14 children and young people have joined the BRK's junior staff. Wherever possible, the youth group supported the adults. Of course, training and socializing were not neglected.
The deputy head of the district preparedness team claus weigand said that the preparedness team froschgrund can count on a perfect mix of experienced older and highly motivated younger members. "This is what makes you such a high-performing team," says cord eckel, underlined weigand.
Full of praise and respect was mayor marco steiner (). After his words the "frog" stand on a very good basis. He called out to the members: "you can be proud of what you have achieved." And the deputy chairman of the fire department association froschgrund, markus behring, emphasized how important the BRK is for rescue operations of the fire department. Finally, marcel thein informed the assembly that three emergency backpacks worth 12,000 euros had been purchased thanks to a number of sponsors.
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